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While carnations in general symbolize love, fascination and distinction, these beautiful blooms also come in different colours and their meanings vary accordingly. Carnations are traditionally given during Mothers’ Day as well as Teachers’ Day, and is the flower for the birth month of January.


White/Cream Carnation


Meaning good luck or pure love in Western cultures, white carnations are great for a graduation or a going-away gift for someone who’s moving. In Chinese culture, it might be good to avoid giving white flowers, as white is often associated with grief and mourning.

Pink Carnation


Pink carnations symbolize a love  that is long, lasting and unforgettable. This is the classic hue for your Mom on Mother’s Day!

Red Carnation


A carnation in light red means admiration while a darker red connotes deep love and affection.

Carnations also come in purple, yellow and a striped variety. Purple carnations might mean capriciousness, while yellow ones represent disappointment and rejection. A striped one represents refusal. So these shades might not necessarily be the kind of carnations you’d want in your bouquet!