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Whether red, purple, pink or yellow, nature has bestowed us with flowers that bloom in a myriad of wonderful colours; the colours of flowers occupy the entire spectrum of the rainbow. Different colours evoke different moods, emotions and sensations, and it’s important to know what the colour of flowers really connote! Whether buying flowers for yourself or for someone else, get the right shade to reflect your mood, or to inspire certain qualities in yourself or others.

Our only hope is to show you the beauty of flowers – may they move and inspire you.

“Earth laughs in flowers.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson


Blues & Purples. From left: Two-tone Purple Eustoma, Purple and Lilac Matthiola, Purple Calla Lily, Blue Agapanthus, Purple and White Phalaenopsis, Purple Tulip, Yam Rose (bottom), Lilac and Light Blue Hydrangea (top)

Blue is calming, faithful, full of wisdom and courage. Pale blue is peace and serenity. Dark blue is stable and loyal.

Purple is the colour of royalty. It’s regal and has notes of luxury and wealth. It’s also about creativity, mystery, and is a truly powerful colour.



White. From left: Baby’s Breath, Two-tone Purple and White Phalaenopsis Orchid (bottom), White Ornithogalum (top), White Matthiola, White Casablanca Lily, White Rose, White Cymbidium Orchid, White Calla Lily, White Peony, White Eustoma

White is the colour of purity, elegance and innocence. A symbol of good beginnings, it can also represent goodness, perfection and cleanliness. However, white flowers also connote remembrance, which is why some white flowers (e.g. chrysanthemums) are presented in mourning.



Pinks and Reds. From left: Red Hypericum, Pink Eustoma, Red Rose, Sweet Pink Rose, Peony in Various Pink Tones, Pink Wax Flower, Red Gloriosa Lily, Red Amaryllis (top), Pink Hydrangea (bottom), Red Cymbidium Orchid

Red is passion, desire, power and determination. Of course, it is also the colour of love. Who can forget the power of red roses?

“the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses” – e.e.cummings

Pink is an energetic colour, the lighter side of red. It is the colour of universal love of oneself and of others. Pink represents friendship, affection, harmony, inner peace, and approachability.



Orange and Yellow. From left: Golden Shower, Champagne Eustoma, Yellow Phoenix, Sunflower, Yellow Orchid, Carrot Rose, Yellow Rose, Bird of Paradise, Yellow Cymbidium Orchid (top), Yellow Gerbera Daisy (bottom), Orange Safflower

Orange is joy, warmth, heat, sunshine. It is the colour of vitality and enthusiasm – any feelings of positivity, enjoyment and joie de vivre. A colour of unbridled, ebullient creativity.

Yellow is the colour of sunshine. It’s associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy.

(Photography by Singapore Tatler Weddings. Flowers by Sing See Soon: