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Valentine’s Day is round the corner, and flowers are a perennial favourite when it comes to the gift department. We’ve found that some guys are more predictable than others in the way they present their bouquets…


The Ambush

The man who ambushes is certainly not shy or coy. Without any warning, he bursts out, bouquet in hand, passers-by gawking, with a ginormous bouquet of 99 roses. He pulls out all the stops, grandiose gestures are his thing, and he really, really wants his lady love to know that he LOVES her. Sometimes fireworks and LED billboards are involved in the process – talk about public displays of affection!


The Romantic

Rose petal trail? Check. Folded swans on hotel bed? Check. Chocolates and lingerie? Yup, that’s his thing. Everything he does makes you feel like you are in a Nicholas Sparks novel or Taiwanese drama, complete with soft-focus lighting and/or candles. Speaking of photos, he probably favours the pose where he holds you from behind in the classic We Are A Loving Couple stance.


The Zorro

The guy with the single rose. He wants his girl to know she is his one and only. He calls his girl, ‘my girl’. He’s the dashing one who’s might write her a poem, and who might shed one single tear as he professes his feelings for her. Sensitive and soulful, this man is as rare as a unicorn.


The Cheapo

He’s the guy with the plastic rose. Because it’s all about the gesture, right? I mean, it lasts forever. Like his undying love for her. And, it was a steal from Daiso, so he’s pretty sure it can’t go wrong.


The Practical Dude

“Flowers? What are they for? Wouldn’t you rather I spend this money on practical things like, you know, food and shelter for us instead? I’m confident you know I love you very much already anyway. Valentine’s Day is just a commercial, cheesy affair.”


The Dutiful Dude

Her bouquet comes with a teddy bear. Dinner is at her favourite restaurant, and he knows just what she’d like to order. The night is perfect. He might not be the most exciting or spontaneous guy on earth, but he does all these and more dutifully and to a T.



Don’t know which one you are? Well, we recommend being The Dutiful Dude as a default. Make sure you show your girl some love, whether poetry, bears or a fancy restaurant are her thing or not! Don’t think you’re eloquent? It never hurts to say it with flowers.

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by Sing See Soon

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