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Calathea sanderiana

Scientific Name: Calathea Sanderiana

Other Name(s): Pinstripe plant, Prayer plant

Family Name: Marantaceae

Calatheas are true tropical plants. Calathea species generally have some of the most beautiful, most decorative leaves in the plant kingdom. Because of the plant's bold markings, it has nicknames such as zebra plant, peacock plant, and rattlesnake plant CARE AND GROWING TIPS:

Foliage/Indoor Plant


Medium to bright, indirect light. If exposed to direct light, their leaves will fade in color intensity and often develop blotches or patches.

They like tropical humidity & tropical temperature of 60F


Water when the top 1" of soil feels dry.

Calathea does not like to dry out. High humidity and persistent watering will help this plant thrive. Occasionally misting.


The growing medium should consist of a light, porous potting mix that retains water but drains well. 

The plant should be repotted every year or every other year into fresh potting mix. 


The plant should be fed regularly with liquid fertilizer throughout the growing season.


They never do well in direct sunlight.

Calathea plants could be attacked by bacterial and fungal diseases due to poor drainage.

Or mites and scale if grown in arid conditions.

There’s not enough humidity.

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