arktivate organic bio fertiliser

Arktivate (Liquid) 1L Organic Bio Fertiliser


Arktivate liquid is not just an all plants nutrients solution; it contains Trillions of beneficial microbes with a combination of organic rare trace minerals that have been selected for their ability to promote the plant's metabolic processes, stimulate immune responses to bacteria and pathogens, produce cell wall materials needed for normal plant development. 

Arktivate is suitable from seeding, house plants to trees. Go beyond fertilisers.


Gently extracted from nature’s best for plant growth with an enzymatic process that does not denature any of their ingredients.

The result is a liquid solution that contains readily available nutrients for 100% of plant needs. It helps strengthens plant immunities and the plant’s ability to cope with environmental stress.

On top of that, trillions of beneficial microbes have been added to penetrate deeply in your planting media, transforming it from the inside out through biological action for better plant health and growth


TIP: The Arktivate liquid bottle cap has a specially designed ventilated valve for air to circulate to maintain a healthy aerobic microbe population.