Best of Me 2-Day Art Camp – Part 1

Let your little ones learn lessons beyond classroom academics this December holidays. Over a 2-day art camp, your kids will learn important values like teamwork, determination, respect & resourcefulness. Through unique art- making projects, they’ll also learn about the joy of thinking out of the box, identifying emotions as well as learning stress-coping strategies.

Date Fri 27 – Sat 28 Nov
Time 9.30am – 2.30pm (1h break from 11.30am-12.30pm) 
Location: 5 Simei Lane S528710

Bottled water will be provided but do pack along light lunch/snacks for break time. 

Activity Plan –– Day 1: 11 Dec 
Session 1: I Am Resourceful 
Collage-making allows kids to explore, have fun and be creative. This session encourages kids to make the best of the used magazines and brochures to compose a collage based on a theme of love and gratitude. 

Break for lunch/snack 

Session 2: I Am Determined
Kids get to learn how to execute The Cup Song with a plastic cup. Through step-by-step instructions and perseverance, participants get to have fun learning about determination. Besides, they will spend hours practicing to music and getting a good grasp of rhythm.

Wrap up for the day. 


Activity Plan –– Day 2: 12 Dec 
Session 3: I am patient 
In this session, the participants will be introduced to Zentangle drawing. Through the execution of repeat shapes and patterns, they will form a drawing, a line at a time. Participants are encouraged to break a difficult task to smaller parts and setting small goals. They are also guided to complete their task with patience. 

Break for lunch/snack 

Session 4: I Am Unique 
Through Rorschach art, participants will create beautiful patterns which they will make into journal covers. They will also make journals for people they love, adding a message of love and appreciation in it. These journals will be presented to their recipients at the end of the course.

Wrap up the camp – group photos. 


Kuan Eng spent 20 years in advertising after graduating from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. He made a career switch to social work in 2010 and now teaches art and runs art-led programmes in senior activity centres as well as student care centres.

He believes that art can educate and empower individuals in ways beyond the end product. His workshops are always fun and engaging, ensuring that participants enjoy the process of creating art, regardless of what they are.


Please take note to select the day of camp at check out when prompted.