Slipcasting Workshop with @Ceramication

Slipcasting was invented by the Peruvians 2000 years ago to make panpipes. It is one of the main methods of producing high quality porcelain in modern industry.

Come join Rayn in this 4-hour workshop where you will get a hands on experience on the basics of slipcasting a porcelain pot of pre-determined form and decorating it. In contrast to wheel throwing, no prior skills are needed to succeed in this course. It is as easy as pouring the slip in and out of the mould.

Due to the weight of the moulds (10kg/set), this course is not suitable for children under 13 years old. Children can join the class by purchasing an add-on kit at $35 and each child must be accompanied by an adult.

As the pots will take a few days to prep and fired – your finished pot will only be available for collection the following Saturday after 12pm.

Date: Saturday 23 Jan 2021 
Time: 2–6pm 
Location: SSS Experiential Garden Centre @ Simei, 5 Simei Lane S528710 



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