5 Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

5 Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Christmas is around the corner! And with our lush Noble Firs just shipped in from the US, we’re offering up some Christmas tree decoration ideas for you. Whether you’re more into traditional decorations or unconventional ones, here are some that may inspire you to take your Christmas Tree to the next level this season.

1. Traditional


In this setup for Capella Singapore, we stuck to the traditional themes of gold & red, with a beautiful golden tree topper. Deciding on a color scheme with a max of 2 colors gives it a traditional yet stylish look that can never go out of style. You definitely can’t go wrong with this one.

2. Table-top


(image from

Table top trees can make a surprisingly big impact! In Singapore, space can come at a premium and not every HDB flat can accommodate a full-sized tree. Table-top trees are cute and not overwhelming for the first time Christmas-tree-buyer. You can choose to amplify the cute factor by using miniature decorations. In the above idea, using ornaments with polka dots, stripes and patterns help make the tree stand out beautifully!

3. Unconventional


(Image from

Playing around with ornaments of different materials and using fabrics can create a playful, unconventional effect. You don’t have to stick with the usual shiny baubles. In this example, a green ribbon is weaved through the branches. Also, try to stick to one to two colors, while playing with different shades of these colors. This prevents your tree from looking too ‘busy’.

4. Ice & Snow


(image from

Dreaming of a white Christmas? Sticking to a blue & white theme helps to evoke the icy, wintery feel of spending winter up North.

5. Rainbow themed

Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

(Image from

We chanced upon this beautiful tree idea, and think it’s especially suitable for those who love to organize things by color! This will surely be the talk of the season.

No matter how you choose to decorate your Christmas Tree, it will stand out as long as it’s done with love! Use your creativity – there are no rules. Have fun!

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