Best Birthday Bouquets for Her

Best Birthday Bouquets for Her

When it comes to picking birthday gifts out for a loved one, especially one you’ve known for years, it can occasionally be hard to think of something that they would actually need or want. You’ve already gifted her her favourite perfume, make-up, purse, stuffed toy, jewelry, tech toy… Possibly, many times over. And now, you’re looking for something unique to either complement your gift, or for something totally different than what you usually default to! So, we’ve picked out a list of our best birthday bouquets to help you out – it’s a guide for when you want to give her something thoughtful and full of meaning, and will definitely bring a smile to her face when she receives it!

Best Birthday Bouquets for…

Your best friend:
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Neatly sidestep those romantic overtones with this sunny bouquet. Bright, showy sunflowers juxtaposed with delicate pink carnations make for a message that says “I enjoy and appreciate your company in my life!” Pink carnations connote gratitude, while sunflowers symbolize adoration, loyalty and longevity. Sounds like a recipe for a long-lasting friendship!

For a lover:
Best Birthday Bouquets for Her | main-post | best birthday bouquets

Roses, of course, are the classic choice. But what if you want something a touch more dramatic, or simply something that reflects just how unique and exquisite she is to you? Bouquet ‘Bold‘ above features eucalyptus that further brings out the roses’ beauty. Reigning Queen over all other blooms, roses are nature’s way of saying ‘I Love You’ – the classic love letter that needs no further explanation.

But for something a little different, or maybe, she’s just not a fan of roses, we highly recommend ‘Diva‘, which features the peony – a flower that embodies romance and prosperity, and is regarded as a good omen for a happy marriage and good fortune. Look how lush the peony looks! Your lady love will be 99% guaranteed to fall head over heels further in love with you. (The other 1% is completely up to you!)
Best Birthday Bouquets for Her | main-post | best birthday bouquets

For a family member:

For mum
Best Birthday Bouquets for Her | main-post | best birthday bouquets


She’s basically the most important woman in your life. Which bouquet can sufficiently express the gratitude you have for her on her birthday? We think that the ‘Exquisite‘ bouquet in our Brown series comes close. Blue irises represent faith, hope, wisdom, courage and admiration, while yellow calla lilies, (‘Calla’ being the Greek word for beauty) connote gratitude. Combined, it’s a message of your appreciation of her faith in you, for imparting her valuable wisdom over the years, and giving you the courage to forge ahead in life. And of course, her beauty! It’s also a stunning bouquet in a unique colour palette that speaks volumes, all on its own.

For sis
Best Birthday Bouquets for Her | main-post | best birthday bouquets

For the sister that brings cheer to your life, ‘Pastels‘ could not be a better choice. Happy Gerberas connote innocence, purity and cheerfulness, so they’re perfect for celebrating how your sibling has been your best friend in your growing up years!

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For a complete list of flowers and their meanings, and to figure out which bouquet uniquely fits the loved one in your life on their birthday or other special occasions, do check out our post on Types of Flowers & Their Meanings and Symbolisms.

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