Birth Month Flowers

Birth Month Flowers

In our Flowers & You series, we explore what kind of flowers are significant to you and your loved ones. It’s a little bit of fun, a little bit of beauty, and a little bit of magic to know what flowers mean to you and your life! So in this first post of the series – Birth Month Flowers – find out which flower corresponds to your birthday, and that of special people in your life. This might even help you add a touch of personalization when you’re picking out a bouquet for a special occasion!

1. January Birth Month Flower


Birth Month Flowers | main-post |Meaning behind the Carnation flower: From the latin word for coronation or ‘corone’, the Greek word for flower garlands, the Carnation signifies love, fascination and distinction. However, carnations come in a variety of hues, each representing something different. Click here to read more about what the different colours mean.

2. February Birth Month Flower


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Meaning behind the Iris flower: A gorgeous vivid shade of violet, Irises are named after the ancient Greek goddess Iris, who acted as the link between heaven and earth. Fittingly, iris is also the Greek word for rainbow. They also represent faith, hope and wisdom.

3. March Birth Month Flower


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Meaning behind the Daffodil: The message conveyed by the Daffodil is ‘You’re an angel’ – now who wouldn’t love receiving a message like that? Also known as the Jonquil or Narcissus. Comes in vibrant shades of yellow and orange as well as white.

4. April Birth Month Flower


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Meaning behind the Daisy: Daisies signify cheerfulness, innocence, purity and beauty. With its bright, open and simple beauty, daisies encapsulate the joy and freshness of Springtime.

5. May Birth Month Flower


Lily of the Valley

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Meaning of the Lily flower: With its graceful petals and elegant appearance, it’s no wonder that the lily stands for purity, innocence and beauty. An earlier meaning also included chastity and virtue.

6. June Birth Month Flower


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Meaning behind the Rose: June babies, you have the most written about and romanticised flower – the queen of flowers. The rose is the ultimate message of love. We’ve written a whole post about it and what all its different hues mean here.

7. July Birth Month Flower


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Meaning of the Delphinium flower: The graceful arch of this flower brings to mind the animal it was named after – the dolphin, in Greek. Also known as the larkspar, it’s a flower that connotes big-heartedness, joy, fun and lightness.

8. August Birth Month Flower


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Meaning of the Gladiolus flower: Often called Glads, gladiolus represents strength and integrity. Its bright orange hue brings out its fiery sense of pride and passion, and in a bouquet, it conveys the meaning of ‘Love at first sight’.

9. September Birth Month Flower


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Meaning of the Aster flower: The Aster resembles the daisy. Deriving its name from the Greek word for ‘star’, this aptly named star-shaped flower symbolizes love, faith, hope and wisdom. Comes in pretty shades of lilac, pink, red, white and mauve. In a bouquet, it brings the message ‘Take care of yourself for me.’

10. October Birth Month Flower


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Meaning of the Marigold flower: Known for its bright, vibrant hues of orange and yellow, it’s also commonly known as the ‘herb of the sun’. The flower symbolizes passion and creativity, igniting in your recipient a sense of joie de vivre.

11. November Birth Month Flower


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Meaning of the Chrysanthemum: This flower comes in a variety of hues, including the more commonly seen white, yellow, blue and red. Chrysanthemums symbolize a bubbly sense of optimism and joy.

12. December Birth Month Flower


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Meaning of the Poinsettia flower: Also known as the Christmas star or Christmas flower, they are native to Mexico. Fittingly, they represent success and good cheer, conveying a message of mirth and celebration.

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