Which Bouquet Would She Like? Valentine’s Day 2017

Which Bouquet Would She Like? Valentine’s Day 2017

It’s that time of the year again! Valentine’s Day 2017 – time to shake things up by reimagining the type of flowers your loved one would like. We put together our arrangements by first thinking of the person it’s most suited for. Is she daring and bold? Sweet and kind? Super fashion forward and edgy? We have a bouquet for every type.

Here are our top 5 picks for Valentine’s Day 2017:


Your lover is full of surprises. She loves to go for impromptu trips – and she’s totally okay with roughing it out. She also says the most unexpected things. The new and the exciting are what she seeks. You never have a dull time around her! For such a lady, we recommend the Sunset Safari:



She truly has a heart of gold. She’s always inspiring you with how kind she is and all the things she goes out of the way to do for others. She seldom bears a grudge, and has the sweetest smile. You can’t imagine life without her! For this special woman in your life, we recommend Princess Sophia:



Without a doubt, she makes your heart stop every time you see her. She exudes confidence, loves to take charge, and leaves you in awe of her capabilities. She’s unabashedly herself and when she walks into a room, every one takes notice. For this femme fatale, we recommend Diva.



She stands out in the crowd with her impeccable taste and flawless style. She’s understated yet is a trendsetter, and she’s always willing to experiment – with both her style as well as novel things in life. You consult her on all things that require good taste. She’s witty, intelligent, well-travelled and well-read. You’ve never felt luckier to have her in your life! For such a worldly lady, we recommend Exquisite:



She’s happiest out in nature, hiking, biking, or swimming. She loves being out in the sun, and you will find her most Zen when she’s chilling out on the beach. Full of energy, she’s no-frills and grounded, and crusades for Mother Earth. She’s an eco-warrior and cares deeply for people, animals, and the world in general. She inspires you with how connected she is to global consciousness, and reminds you to be grateful for all that you have. You appreciate having her in your world so much! For this lovely lady, we recommend Rustic Rouge:


Top it off with a thoughtful meal and some quality time, and you’ve got yourself a winning Valentine’s Day! We’re sure your lady is one of a kind, so if you can’t find anything that fits her description here, head on over to our Bloom Store to pick out a special one just for her.


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