Send an anniversary gift with a hydrangeas hand bouquet

Present a bouquet of Hydrangeas Singapore to your wife for your anniversary. The hydrangea has long been designated as the flower for the 4th anniversary. As far as symbolism, it represents strong emotion, whether it be extreme gratefulness or sorrow.

The hydrangea is like a pom-pom made up of many funnel shaped flowers. Its name roughly translates to a “water barrel” because of each flower’s shape and the need for lots of water. Each little flower in the pom-pom is star-shaped. Because of the lavish rounded shape of each pom-pom, it has sometimes been linked to boastfulness and vanity. However, this bold and delicate flower is very beautiful and perfect to express sorrow for something you did. These attributes also makes it perfect to tell her how much her love means to you.

For these reasons, and because it is a much loved and enjoyed flower, we have developed two bouquets that feature hydrangeas. There is a small bouquet called the Petite that includes both sunflowers and hydrangeas. The yellow of the sunflowers and blue of the hydrangeas complement each other perfectly. To add a little variety to this perfect little bouquet, we have also added some small purple flower highlights. Finally, we have added some greenery for accents. All this is wrapped and tied in purple.

If your loved one likes blue, then the Bluebliss would be perfect for her. It is a beautiful full rounded bouquet of blue hydrangeas. Although you never thought that a thistle could be pretty, it is accented with blue thistle that makes a very unique and attractive hand bouquet. While the thistle flower itself is blue, the leaves below it have been left green to add some color accents to the arrangement. Finally, it is wrapped in blue paper and a gauzy blue fabric and tied with a navy blue ribbon. The result is a bouquet of hydrangeas that Singapore can be proud of.

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