Celebrate your wedding with a lilies hand bouquet

Share the meaning of lilies in Singapore with others with a lily bouquet. They boast many meanings, including royalty, motherhood, passion, youth, renewal, and rebirth. Share these meanings with a loved one through a gift of a bouquet of lilies. Lilies are commonly used in weddings, especially in China. They symbolise longevity in a happy marriage.

We can help you express these sentiments, with these lily bouquets. The Brilliance has a dozen or so white lilies, both opened and closed, surrounded by white and blue roses. The closed lilies give a nice green accent. The bouquet is then wrapped in white and blue and tied with a deep blue ribbon.

If you want something a little softer in color, the Perfection might be what you are looking for. It also features white lilies but is surrounded by white roses. Soft accents of color of blue and green are added to contrast the white. The bouquet is then wrapped in paper with a purple ribbon for easy handling.

Lilies come in a variety of colors, one of which is purple. The Sweet Candy bouquet features a beautifully variegated lily of purple and white. The lilies are surrounded by roses that are also two-toned in pink and white. Greenery of a leaf that is almost blue in color has been added to bring all the colors together. The whole is then wrapped and tied with a blue ribbon. It is truly beautiful to behold.

Lilies of pink, purple, white, and yellow grace the Idyllic Lilies bouquet. The colors are vibrant and exciting together. Accent these with greenery, and you have a truly beautiful bouquet. Finally, the whole is wrapped in black and white for a truly classic look that will please your sweetheart.

The final bouquet of lilies Singapore is called Wonder. This is an apt name with its unique design and greenery. The colors are a deep purple which will make a woman feel like royalty. The accents are of purple flowers, along with both light and dark greenery consisting of leaves and a small flower. The wrapping and purple ribbon complete the royal feel of this bouquet.

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