Sun Flowers

Bring happiness and beauty to someone with a sunflower bouquet

Sunflowers are so named because they resemble the sun with their bright yellow to red petals that spread out as the suns rays. Another reason they are called sunflowers is that the flower will always face the sun wherever it is in the sky. What a great way to say that you will always choose her as your ray of sunshine.

According to Proflowers the sunflower symbolizes adoration, loyalty, and longevity. Can you think of a better sentiment to give your loved one on your anniversary? Not only will it brighten their day, but it will tell them how much you love them and that you hope to be with them for many years to come.

We have three bouquets that feature sunflowers. They are the Sunkissed, Joy, and Petite. Each have the bright yellow sunflowers that are most well known. They will speak of your love and adoration.

The largest of the three bouquets is called Joy. It would be a perfect size for a bridal bouquet. The main feature of this beautiful bouquet is the sunflowers. The bright yellow petals are beautifully contrasted by the dark centers of each flower. The sunflowers are surrounded by roses of varying colors of yellow. Interspersed through the flowers is greenery which adds additional color to the bouquet. It is adorned with matching tissue paper and ribbon to complete the look.

The Sunkissed bouquet is the medium option. It also uses sunflowers as the main feature. Interspersed are small light yellow roses which give a nice contrast to the yellow petals and dark centers of the sunflowers. A few added flowers of pink and blue add the final touch to this bouquet. It is brought together with a ribbon tied at the bottom.

The smallest of sunflower bouquets is called the Petite bouquet. It is a delightful little bouquet with the yellow sunflowers contrasting with blue carnations and little purple accent flowers. Greenery and a ribbon at the bottom complete the look and beauty of this little bouquet.

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