Send your endless love with a Tulip Hand Bouquet

Sending a message of endless love is easy with tulips in Singapore. The tulip is one of the most easily recognized flowers in the world. It comes in many colors, both plain and variegated. According to Proflower, the meaning of the tulip is perfect love.

The tulip today is mostly associated with Holland, as they are now the main growers of tulips. However, it was first a flower of Persia and Turkey, where the men would wear them in their turbans. Thus the Europeans gave them the name of tulip, which is from a Persian word meaning turban. You can get bouquets in different colors with different meanings for your special someone. Red tulips are associated with true love. Purple symbolizes royalty. Today yellow tulips are associated with cheerful thoughts and sunshine. If you want to send a message of forgiveness, send white tulips.

Our bouquet called Kisses is made up of pink tulips. However, other colors may substituted if there is a shortage or if you desire. This lovely bouquet features a center of pink tulips surrounded by purple flowers and yellow roses. The greenery accompanying the flowers is a dark green with white edges that adds a touch of elegance to the bouquet. The bouquet is then tied together with a dark green wrapping and a dark green ribbon.

With these fresh tulips, carnations and roses, you can be assured of a bouquet that will last for days if cared for correctly. To do this keep the ends moist. When you are ready to put them in a vase, cut 1/4 inch off the ends. As warm or hot water will wilt the tulips, place the bouquet in cold water. A cool space away from windows is best. Then you can enjoy your tulips in Singapore for a longer period of time.

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