Greatest Hits Bouquets – Valentine’s Day 2017

Greatest Hits Bouquets – Valentine’s Day 2017

These are the bouquets that have consistently stolen hearts. We receive rave reviews from our customers and their recipients all the time! Let them inspire you this Valentine’s Day 2017.

Greatest Hits Bouquets – Valentine’s Day 2017

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True Romance (Top row)

  1. (Left) Chic – Tell her that you’re dazzled by her charms – the Chic bouquet from The Brown Series‬ makes that clear in a bright, cheerful way. Made up of Ranunculus, Freesias and Blue Hyacinths, these blooms are perfect for a vivacious, graceful lady.
  2. (Middle) Rustic – Bold yet delicate, the stars of the show are Hydrangeas, which represent your heartfelt emotions, alongside light peach Roses, a special hue with a gentle glow that shows the warmth of your appreciation. Nestled among a tasteful selection of blooms, this will catch the fancy of any lady you fancy.
  3. (Right) Sentiments – Our ‘Sentiments’ arrangement is ripe with meaning, a love story in the form of a beautiful bouquet. First, we picked Lilac Roses to symbolize love at first sight – its pretty shade of purple evoking the first blush of love. Then complemented by the Mathiolas, to symbolize the bonds of affection, as love grows stronger. Finally, a clutch of Eustomas, connoting calmness and unchanging love. Perfect for the true romantic.


Elegant Lady (Bottom)

  1. (Left) Rustic Rouge – Translate your love with scarlet blooms. Glamorous reds adds class to the casual, rustic chic of the crate.
  2. (Middle) Bursting Love – Want to make a statement? A burst of sweetness will definitely convey the power of your sentiments: bigger crates pack in more earthly goodness of blooms to express your love to that someone special.
  3. (Right) Popping Fuchsia – Fresh Fuchsia Roses with purple eustoma, pink matthiolas. Cheerful and bold, a floral creation that doesn’t shy away form the limelight.


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