How to Care for Your Christmas Tree

How to Care for Your Christmas Tree

With the heavenly scent of a Noble Fir tree wafting through your home or any space it’s placed in, you’d probably want to know how to care for your Christmas tree to keep it looking its best throughout the festive season. Here are some quick tips to keep your Christmas tree fresh and perky for at least 4-6 weeks:

Trees are thirsty!

– Your tree needs water. Place the tree in a bucket of water in well-shaded area.
– Make sure the area that it’s placed in is not windy
– The water level needs to be above the base level of the tree
– On the first day, your tree will require more water so you may observe water being absorbed at a quicker rate than subsequent days
– A 6ft tall tree with a trunk measuring 4 inches in diameter will need about 4 liters of water.
– Adequately watered trees have pine needles that break crisply when bent.

Tree doesn’t seem to be absorbing water after a while?
That’s because the tree naturally forms a sap or seal over the base after a while. When that happens, water is no longer absorbed. Make another fresh cut and place it immediately in water.

Other tips:
– Avoid placing it near direct sunlight
– Keep it cool: an air-conditioned room is best as these trees thrive in colder climates.
– Use low heat producing lights like miniature or LED lights to delay the drying of the tree. Unplugging tree lights at night will also help.

Need some help picking out a tree too?

– Allow about 10 to 12 inches between your tree and the ceiling, and consider whether you want your tree to have a fuller girth, or a narrower one that takes up less space.
– If you’re looking for a tree that can hold up decorations well, our sturdy Noble Fir trees are great for holding up heavy ornaments.

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