How to Transform Your Home with Flowers

How to Transform Your Home with Flowers

The home is a very personal space – it’s where you rest and spend time with your family. When choosing flowers for your home, it’s important to choose those that you are naturally attracted to, with colours that complement the space. When used with discernment, flowers can truly transform your home and enhance the mood that you want to have when you step into it!

Assess your space
Firstly, make an assessment of your room. Things to consider are: how big it is, how much clutter it has, which space or area you’re thinking of placing your flowers in.

For example, if you’re intending to place flowers on a space that’s shared by other items (e.g. books/ornaments), consider a single stem of flower in a vase, but one that’s still bold and bright enough to still make a statement. We recommend a potted Phalenopsis orchid: it’s an elegant choice that’s also long lasting.

If you intend to place flowers on a surface where the flowers are the focal piece, you can buy cut flowers in a bunch to display them.

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Glorisa Lily, Blue Magic, Hydrangea, Coxcomb, Roses. Theme: Arabian Orient. Venue: Zaharan Palace, Jordan Amman

Play with colours
Colours can be used to soften or to highlight a furniture or space. Consider the colour contrast between the theme of your room, the vase, and the flowers themselves. Play around to get the combination that looks pleasing to the eye. Contrary to the many misconceptions one might have about using opposites on the colour wheel, contrast works.

If you have bright and bold colours in your room, use light and bright colours for your flower and vase respectively. The flowers should be light and the vase should be bright or vice versa.

Likewise for an earth tone themed room; choose pastel or cream based coloured flowers and a neutral-coloured holder.

It is important to maintain simple colour schemes – by using only one or two contrasting colours, or staying monochromatic. Too many colours may appear too busy or distracting in a room. You can also consider breaking up soft colours with metallic hues.

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