January 2017 Wedding Inspiration

January 2017 Wedding Inspiration

Looking for 2017 Wedding Inspiration? Every month we will be featuring some of the weddings we’ve done that have inspired our clients and their guests. We hope you will find some inspiration too!

Lately, we’ve been seeing weddings that favor lush greenery and verdant foliage. The effect is understated, creating an atmosphere of welcoming tranquility, and offers a different take from the classic choice of red roses.

The Wedding of Alex & Gina at the Amara Sanctuary

Set in a tropical paradise, we adorned the glass house with the freshest white roses, while amping up on the lush green foliage and other rustic elements. The overall effect was calming, elegant, with a touch of understated class.


Rustic wood elements with lamps and candles adorned the main arch.


Natural wood elements added to the feel of an enchanted forest.

(Photos by Bloc Memoire)

The Wedding of Nigel and Sabrina at the Amara Sanctuary

The combination of white flowers like roses, Eustomas, orchids as well as leafy greens like ferns, eucalyptus and ivy created an appealing tropical forest feeling. With the florals at peak freshness, it evoked the feeling of wandering around an enchanted forest. You almost expect magical unicorns to appear!

(Please see the full album here) Photos by


The reception table featured an array of white florals nestled in ferns and gold ornaments.


The VIP tables incorporated subtle green elements as well.

2017 wedding inspiration amara-sanctuary_022

Not a single detail was overlooked – even the beautiful wedding cake had a touch of green.

2017 wedding inspiration amara-sanctuary_024

And of course, the beautiful arch that most evoked the feeling of an enchanted forest – understated elegance at its best!

Are you planning your wedding this year? How is your planning coming along? If you have any questions or enquiries, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us an email at and we’ll talk about your dream wedding!

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