Wedding Inspiration July 2017

Wedding Inspiration July 2017

This July, wedding inspiration comes from a recent show at Shangri-La Hotel. For an outdoor solemnization ceremony, we used roses of all shades. We blended red, white and pastels to create an enchanting palette. The roses we picked were at the peak of their beauty. We think that there’s no prettier sight than roses in full bloom!

Going with tradition – classic roses in wedding inspiration

Roses are of course the classic choice for weddings. Rich in symbolism, it is a flower that’s celebrated across countries and cultures.

During the pre-Christian era, ancient Romans revered the rose, and it came to symbolize devotion to the goddess Venus. After the Christian period, the rose was then identified with the Virgin Mary. It later led to the creation of the rosary and other devotional prayers in Christianity. In Iran and surrounding countries, the rose has inspired prose and poetry. Poets have used it to evoke divine love and other attributes.

Photography: AndroidsinBoots Wedding

Venue: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

It feels like a fairy tale wedding come true as you walk down the aisle. Simple, yet stunning and impactful.

We also adorned arches, centrepieces, chairs and tables with this beautiful bloom.

For the evening wedding banquet, we incorporated the simple innocence of pastels in our floral design.

White orchids & considering unconventional flowers

We placed white orchids in all-white containers. You also can try keeping colours to a maximum of one or two when designing floral creations. This trick can help you to achieve a simple, elegant feel. It’s subtle, yet pleasing to the eye to look at.

Why orchids? People have revered orchids since ancient times. They have been associated with love, beauty, refinement, fertility, thoughtfulness and charm. White orchids, in particular, represent reverence and humility, innocence and purity, and elegance and beauty.

When looking for wedding inspiration, it can be interesting to look up the meanings of other flowers. You can do some research to see if there are any meanings you would like to convey! Add a personal touch and customize your blooms.

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Lastly, we kept the floral display to a maximum of two colours.

Thank you for reading! Look forward to our next installment of wedding inspiration in August.

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