How to Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh in Singapore

How to Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh in Singapore

It’s the holiday season once more! In sunny Singapore, more and more Singaporeans are celebrating the festive season with fresh Christmas Trees. There’s just something special about having a beautiful tree, adorned with shiny baubles and ornaments to mark this season. It adds a warmth and joy to any living space, office or even commercial centre. At Sing See Soon, we bring in fresh Noble Fir trees direct from USA. If you’re having a Christmas tree for the very first time, you may be wondering how to keep your Christmas Tree fresh in Singapore, all throughout the season in our warm and tropical climate.

Try soda water

One tip we have tried to great success is to use soda water instead of plain tap water. This seems to have the effect of perking up the tree, keeping the pine needles fresh. Fresh pine needles are crisp and snap when bent with the fingers.

On top of that soda water keeps away mosquitoes, preventing them from breeding in the water. This is definitely a concern in our tropical climate.

Keep it hydrated

Trees are ‘thirsty’, especially when you first bring them home. As a gauge, a 6ft tall tree (1.8m) with a trunk of 4 inches in diameter needs about 4 liters of water.

Keep away from direct sunlight

Place your tree away from the window, preferably in a corner that’s shaded, avoiding both the morning and afternoon sun.

Keep it cool

If it’s an available option, keep it in an air-conditioned room. This helps it to stay cool and fresh longer. You can also use miniature or LED lights, which are cooler and are less heat-producing. Unplugging the lights at night will also help.

There’s nothing like the scent of a fresh fir tree! It helps you to get into the Christmas spirit immediately. For more tips, check out How to Care for Your Christmas Tree.

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