Lovely Couple Story – Alex & Gina

Lovely Couple Story – Alex & Gina

Wedding of Alex and Gina: The location was at the lovely Glass House at Amara Sanctuary. Set among lush greenery, with beautiful peacocks roaming around, it’s the perfect setting for a romantic wedding. We had plenty to play with in such a location!

Lovely Couple Story - Alex & Gina | main-post |

Lovely Couple Story - Alex & Gina | main-post | Lovely Couple Story - Alex & Gina | main-post |

Rustic elements were used, like raw tree bark. The theme was white and green and everything blended seamlessly together in one elegant presentation. Set against the tropical background, it all came together perfectly. We definitely made the most out of the lush greenery and tropical foliage. The entire ambience was one of peace, calm and tranquility, transforming the cool glass house into a warm and cozy environment.

White roses represent purity of love, along with honesty, openness and clarity. Carrying the traditional notions of romance, these white roses added just the right touch for this lovely and perfectly matched pair.

The arch created an ideal backdrop for their solemnization. It framed their vows and this momentous occasion in an understated celebration of their union. You can’t underestimate the ability of florals to bring a magical touch to weddings!

No detail was too small for us. From scattered flower petals, to intricate handwritten lettering, and even the welcome signboard were all weaved into the theme seamlessly. Candles in mason jars added light and a gentle glow to the arch. It was truly like an enchanting fairytale playing out before our eyes!

Chairs along the aisle was also adorned with corsages of white roses. As the couple walked down the aisle, they are surrounded by this everlasting symbol of love. It’s one of the prettiest weddings we ever had the privilege of working on!

We’re experts at creating making your dream wedding decor come true. As we said, no detail is too small for us. Bring us your wildest ideas now and together, we will make it happen!

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Lovely Couple Story - Alex & Gina | main-post |

Lovely Couple Story - Alex & Gina | main-post |Lovely Couple Story - Alex & Gina | main-post |

All photos by Bloc Memoire Photography.



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