Sacrifices, Strength and Success: The Women Behind SSS

Sacrifices, Strength and Success: The Women Behind SSS

As a family business, the success of Sing See Soon would not have been possible without these four formidable sisters. Shying away from the limelight, it’s tough to get them talking about the sacrifices they have made. They prefer to let the fruits of their labour speak for themselves.

However, in light of International Women’s Day, we want to shine the spotlight on them, because none of our accomplishments would have been possible without the Ee sisters!

The four sisters are Melu, Rona, Mary, Eldest Sis (or Dua Yi as she is fondly known) – (left to right in the picture above). Dua Yi, being the eldest born, had to look after her younger siblings as the family grew. Leaving school at an early age, a lot of responsibility was placed on her young shoulders. Coming from a traditional Chinese family in those times, the boys in the family got to pursue education, whereas the sisters were roped in to help out in the family business.

However, they did more than just help out – they made plenty of personal sacrifices to make sure the business would thrive, with an unparalleled sense of devotion and passion throughout the decades. This required incredible strength, especially when they had to juggle the challenges of motherhood and the inevitable ups and downs of running a business at the same time. Their entire lives were dedicated to the growth of the business.

Their work laid down the foundation for the success you see today, and their values shape the way we run the business every single day at Sing See Soon. Here’s celebrating their incredible sacrifices, strength and success. Cheers to the women behind Sing See Soon!


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