September Birthstone: Sapphire

September Birthstone: Sapphire

Happy birthday September babies! Your September birthstone Sapphire is considered one of the four most precious gemstones in the world. It’s most prized for its deep, blue hue, but it also comes in other shades like pink, green and yellow. Since the Middle Ages, it has enjoyed popularity, and was believed to protect loved ones from harm and envy. Clergy in Medieval times wore sapphires to invoke heaven and attract heavenly blessings.

Understanding September Birthstone: Sapphire

Belonging to the same class of gemstone as the Ruby, it is a form of the mineral corundum. Found most abundantly in Australia, especially in New South Wales and Queensland, Australian sapphires are usually a dark and inky blue. Cornflower-blue sapphires used to found commonly in Kashmir, India, known as Kashmir blue sapphires or bleu de roi. In the US, one major source is the Yogo Gulch Mine in Montana, yielding smaller stones for industrial uses.

The root of the word Sapphire is derived from ‘safir’ (Arabic) and ‘sapphirus’ (Latin for blue). Also, the Greek word ‘sappheiros’ referring to the island of Sappherine in the Arabian Sea, where in Ancient Grecian times sapphires were found.

Metaphysical properties of the Sapphire

Known for transforming foolishness to wisdom, opening the mind to clarity and beauty, its properties are as exalted as its material value. It’s also prized for its ability to calm the mind, and many use it for healing purposes as well.

Some of its qualities are its ability to soothe a sense of being trapped mentally, helping one to be freed. It can also be a useful tool to aid neuroses, and helps to release depression and lighten moods. It brings a sense of peace, calm and focus to the mind, and helps to restore balance within the body.

It is also said to help those who are easily swayed to be firmer in their own sense of self, helping one to become more secure in their own opinions, and in expressing these truths to others.

September Birthstone: Sapphire as a Gift

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Pair it with a royal purple arrangement from our Box series – browse all our floral creations here.

Blue Sapphire is a powerful symbol of love, commitment and fidelity, and is a popular choice for engagement rings. If you know of any couples moving in together or getting married, presenting a gift of matching Sapphire tumble stones will make a meaningful and beautiful gift.



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