Top 3 Table Top Decor for Chinese New Year

Top 3 Table Top Decor for Chinese New Year

How is your Chinese New Year preparation coming along? If you’re still making some last minute purchases, we’re here to make things easy for you. Here are the top 3 things you need to add an instant  zing of Chinese New Year mood in your home.

1. Table Top Kumquats

Kumquats Sing See Soon Chinese New Year

Kumquats symbolize prosperity – its name sounds like ‘gold’ in Cantonese – and are popularly displayed with the leaves and stems attached. Instead of just buying a few kumquats for display, get the potted plant instead. With this plant growing all year round, wealth and abundance will be flowering in your life all throughout the year.

2. Blooming Pots of Azalea



Symbols of happiness and good luck, position these potted azalea plants near the entrance of your home to greet your guests as they enter. With their bright hues and clusters of beautiful flowers, there’s no better way to bring light and good fortune into your home.

3. Table Top Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo Sing See Soon Chinese New Year

The Lucky Bamboo plant symbolizes strength and resilience, and helps you to achieve harmony in your home. There are also many other auspicious symbolisms, such as:


  • Advancement – good for careers
  • Prosperity – success in business ventures
  • Longevity – Healthy, harmonious and peaceful life
  • In Zen – Gracious, honorable and virtuous
  • In Relationships – Energize your love life
  • In FengShui – Creation of positive energy (Chi) in your environment

Table top plants are the easiest way to bring the beauty of the Spring Festival into your home. Interested in picking up your Chinese New Year plants today? Walk in to our nursery, located at 32 punggol East, #01-01 Singapore 828824 to get yours now.

(Information from Uchinavisa – click here.)


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