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Funeral, Bereavement & Condolences Flowers

Flowers are a beautiful way to honour a loss and bring a touch of beauty to the solemn day of a Singapore funeral. If you're looking to send bereavement flowers, there is a vast array of options out there. But, how do you decide on the best bouquet or arrangements for the family?

In a country as multicultural and diverse as Singapore, choosing appropriate sympathy gifts and bouquets can be a bit tricky. The last thing that you want to do is send a floral arrangement or sympathy bouquet that is too big, too small, or out of place in any way. That is why it’s essential to understand condolence flower etiquette and have a clear picture of what’s expected.

Ready to get the perfect funeral flowers for Singapore? Here is an in-depth look at everything you need to know before you order.

What Is an Appropriate Floral Arrangement for a Funeral?

There is a myriad of options for sending sympathy flowers. They are often delivered in a basket, as a wreath, or on a stand.

The most popular type of delivery is sympathy flowers on a stand. You can also send them in vases, planters, or wreaths. The most important thing is that they are ready to display. You don’t want to have them delivered to a ceremony and then realise that someone needs to bring a vase or other kind of accessory. On days like this, you want everything to be as smooth and easy as possible.

When Should Condolence Flowers Be Sent?

Having condolence flower bouquets delivered to a funeral is very time sensitive. When you want to have them delivered, it’s best to contact the florist as soon as you get the news.

To get them delivered quickly, you can message us directly on our website (just click on “Chat with Us” at the bottom of the page) or call us directly at +65 6904 3029. We will make sure that your display arrives on time.

Funeral vs Sympathy Flowers

While we often talk about condolence bouquets as if there were one standard option, there are variations to send after a death. When you are sending them after a loss, you can choose between sympathy or funeral flowers. While the terms are similar, there is an important difference between the two options.

What is the difference?

When you order funeral flowers in Singapore, they will go directly to the funeral home. These are the stands, bouquets, wreaths, and baskets that add beauty and colour to the ceremony. They are a gift given in honour of the person who has passed. Since they are ordered with the departed person in mind, you might choose that person’s favourite colour or variety of flowers. After all, this floral display is meant to commemorate the life of this particular person.

A sympathy bouquet is delivered to the home of the grieving family. Unlike wreaths and stands, you will want to choose those that can be displayed at home. These may or may not include the vase. The important thing is that they are smaller than the wreaths and displays.

While it’s customary to send floral bouquets, you can also opt for indoor plants or outdoor plants. If you know the family has space for an outdoor plant or might like a potted interior plant, this can be a lovely way to commemorate the loved one with a gift that will last for many years to come.

When Should I Send Sympathy Flowers?

There is no hard rule for this. It depends on your relationship with the grieving person or family. You might opt to have the bouquets sent the day before the service or you can send them weeks afterwards. 

Generally speaking, the better that you know the person, the later you can send them. If you send sympathy bouquets to a colleague weeks later, it may seem like you have simply forgotten. On the other hand, if you are sending them to a close friend, it can be a meaningful gesture to send them even a month later.

When a close friend or family member loses someone, you will probably be at their side at every step of the journey. You might see them overwhelmed with bouquets and attention during the first week. When that is the case, you might find that they could use a boost a few weeks later when all of the guests have departed and the other condolence bouquets have gone. Having sympathy bouquets delivered to the door weeks later or on special occasions like anniversaries is a powerful way to support a grieving friend. Remember, there is no time limit.

What Colours Are the Best Funeral Flowers?

Funeral bouquets in Singapore come in every colour of the rainbow. Families often create personalised wreaths and other bespoke floral displays for the ceremony. If you are a close friend or family member involved in the planning, you can be as creative as you like without feeling like there are any set rules. In other cases, keep it simple.

If you are looking to send a bouquet to a funeral and aren’t quite sure what is expected, white ones are always a safe choice. In the countless floral displays in Singapore that we have created over the years, white is consistently one of the most popular choices. While it doesn’t have to be all white, having white accent flowers in a wreath or stand is always tasteful and appropriate.

Generally speaking, refined floral displays often incorporate shades of cream, pastel yellows, peach tones, and soft pinks.

It is important to note that in traditional Chinese funerals, red mourning flowers are inappropriate as red is the classic colour of celebration. Likewise, gold accents on wreaths are best to be avoided as it is also a colour associated with prosperity and celebration. 

At the end of the day, keep in mind that the best wreaths add a graceful touch of beauty rather than taking centre stage.

How Much Are Flowers For Funerals in Singapore?

Funeral floral arrangements come in a wide range of prices. From simple bouquets to elaborate wreaths, you will find options at every price point.  

Here are Sing See Soon, we have transparent pricing on all of our floral arrangements and sympathy floors. You can order them online or call us at +65 6904 3029 to confirm the details of your order.

funeral flowers

Some of our most popular funeral wreaths include the Solace Bereavement Wreath at $350 and the Peace Bereavement Wreath at $250. We also have a wide variety of floral bouquets starting from $89.

What Are the Best Types of Condolence Flowers To Send?

When it comes to choosing the right arrangement, you’ll have countless types to choose from. Whether it is a wreath, bouquet, or stand, most types include a range of different flower varieties.

Let’s look at some of the most common flowers that you’ll find in wreaths and bouquets to give you some food for thought.

Lilies: These elegant flowers symbolise peace and grace. With bold blooms, lilies are gorgeous on their own or as part of a display with other white blossoms, sprigs of baby’s breath, or greenery.

Roses: A favourite choice, roses come in a wide variety of colours and shapes. From pink to peach to cream to lavender to white, roses work well in all types of funeral floral displays. As one of the more fragrant flowers, they are a lovely aroma to any space.

Carnations: Whether it is sunny yellow blossoms, delicate peaches, or graceful white blossoms, carnations come in a wide variety of colours that make them perfect for floral arrangements. 

Thanks to their affordable price tag, carnations are a perfect choice for anyone on a budget.

Chrysanthemums: Often known as mums, these tasteful blooms, especially the yellow and white varieties, are particularly popular for floral displays. 

Gerbera: While the valiant tangerine and magenta gerberas are much-loved spring and summer blossoms, the muted peach, pink, and white blossoms of gerberas are exquisite options for floral arrangements.

Insider Tip: When it comes to sympathy flowers delivered to the family’s home, chrysanthemums, lilies, and carnations are exceptionally good options as they are long-lasting. While some start to droop within a few days, these long-lasting cut flowers can last up to two weeks.

What Is the Colour of Mourning in Singapore?

Whether you are choosing the right colour for funeral floral displays or are deciding on the right attire, remember that less is more. Always look to neutral and subdued tones. Unless the family advises otherwise, opt for simple colours in everything.

Like much of Asia, white is the traditional colour of mourning here in Singapore. You will often see all-white or white-accented mourning flowers paired with soft pastel shades. 

What Are the Most Common Bereavement Flowers?

What are the most common bereavement flowers? Since white symbolises peace and purity, any white or cream-coloured flower is appropriate. In much of Asia, the chrysanthemum represents death and grief and is perhaps the most traditional flower. Meanwhile, white lilies and roses are seen to represent spirituality, strength, innocence, and purity.

Do You Write a Card on Funeral Flowers?

When it comes to funeral flower etiquette in Singapore, it is essential to always include a card. People often ask us what to write on sympathy cards. The truth is that it is completely up to you. You can write as little or as much as you would like. When it comes to the small card included with your bouquets, here are a few of the common choices:

  • With heartfelt condolences
  • Our hearts go out to you and your family
  • We are so sorry for your loss
  • Thinking of you in these difficult times
  • We want you to know that we are here for you if you need anything
  • With deepest sympathy as you remember [name of deceased]
  • Holding you close in my thoughts

What Do You Write On A Condolence Wreath?

Wreaths often have a banner on them. Here are a few customary choices for a message:

  • Forever missed, never forgotten
  • In loving memory
  • Forever in our hearts.
  • With our deepest sympathy
  • Deeply loved and dearly missed
  • Loved and remembered forever

Funeral Etiquette in Singapore - What to Expect

In our wonderfully multifaceted country, we often find ourselves learning about new cultures and traditions. Amongst the most deeply rooted traditions of any culture is the funeral ceremony. From small gifts to bouquets for the grieving family, there are certain things that you should know before attending a Singapore funeral.

While each family is different, there are few traditions in Singapore that you can expect in a range of religious settings.  

Regardless of race, it is common to bring condolence money. Also called bereavement money or pek kim, this cash is placed inside a white envelope. While the amount varies considerably depending on personal finances and your relationship with the grieving family, a standard amount of $10 would be appropriate in the case that you are not close with the family and didn’t know the deceased person well.

In most Singapore ceremonies, floral arrangements typically arrive one day before the ceremony. This is a standard practice to prevent any complications with delays. At the same time, you don’t want the flowers to arrive any more than 24 hours in advance.   

Get Condolence Flowers Delivered in Singapore with Us

At SingSeeSoon, we offer a broad spectrum of flowers for all occasions, including funeral wreaths and bereavement gifts.

Since 1879, our family-owned and operated business has provided breathtaking floral creations for families all over Singapore. Whether it is a sombre occasion or a time to celebrate, we are here for you.

Connect with us today for help preparing the best funeral flowers for those nearest and dearest to you.


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