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Congratulatory Flowers in Singapore 

Since way back in Ancient Greece, we have been using flowers to show we care. From congratulatory to birthday bouquets, there is always a good reason to send them to the people that are important in our lives. After all, what adds beauty and colour to someone’s day like having a beautiful blossom delivered to the door?
If you are looking for the perfect congratulations gifts, you have come to the right place. Here is everything that you need to know about choosing unforgettable congratulatory flowers.

When Should I Give Flowers to Say Congratulations?

There are countless special occasions and milestones in life when congratulatory blooms are appropriate. Let’s look at a few times when you might want to send bouquets in Singapore.

  • Welcoming a new baby: Sending flowers after a baby is born is always a good idea for a much-deserving new mum. A bouquet is also a lovely gift after a pregnancy is announced.
  • Graduation: Sending graduation blooms to hard-working scholars finishing secondary school, university, or any training programme is a sweet way to show that you care.
  • New Job: Whether it is a promotion or someone has just been hired into a new company, why not send a bouquet
  • New home: Nothing brightens a new home like housewarming flowers and plants.
  • Anniversary or engagement: Send the happy couple or your significant other an anniversary bouquet to mark a momentous occasion.
  • New business opening: When a new business opens, send a congratulatory stand to show you are wishing the owner and new staff all the best.
  • Illness: Sending a “get well soon” bouquet to congratulate someone who is recovering is a wonderful way to show your encouragement.

What Flowers Do You Send to Congratulate Someone?

When it comes to the perfect bouquet to say congrats, there are countless options. Choose from roses, sunflowers, orchids, tulips, and other exquisite options. There is no right or wrong choice for a congratulatory gift. It’s all about being creative and thinking about what the person would love.

Bouquet of Roses that Make Any Day Special

Looking for a romantic bouquet to deliver to that someone special? Nothing says “I truly adore you” like 99 red roses sent to her door. The Infinitude bouquet is the ultimate romantic gift that she will never forget. Looking for a more inexpensive bouquet of roses? The Bold bouquet is just the right alternative when 99 red roses might be a bit too over the top. 

Roses aren’t just for romance though! Bright-coloured roses and rose accents in an arrangement are a fresh choice that is ideal for a congratulatory flowers. For a long-lasting bouquet that smells good, look at the Delight bouquet with cream roses, white lilies, and purple eustomas. Sending them to a woman who adores pink and all things feminine? Opt for the captivating Kindle bouquet of roses with cappuccino-coloured buds, pink tulips, fuchsia carnations, and a spray of eucalyptus.

Colourful Bouquets that Say Let’s Celebrate

When it comes to congratulations gifts, there is nothing like a bold and colourful bouquet. The Charme bouquet has beautiful tones of violet, salmon, rose, and lavender in a stunning floral arrangement of chrysanthemums, Holland roses, and cymbidium.

For affordable blooms delivered in a radiant rainbow, you are going to love the Snazzy bouquet with a splash of colourful gerberas and purple eustoma. If your mum loves a tropical flair, look at the Wonder Blooms bouquet with fuchsia roses, green anthuriums, purple eustomas, mauve carnations and bupleurum.

Another beauty option is a sunflower bouquet like the Beaming floral arrangement with its stunning selection of sunflowers and champagne eustomas with eucalyptus accents. 

Long-Lasting Congratulatory Flowers to Cherish for Weeks 

If you are looking for blooms that lasts a long time, you are going to love our bouquets of long-lasting cut flowers. Options like the stunning Fancy bouquet of dried flowers will last for ages. This gorgeous collection of cotton flowers, dried lavender, dried wheat, purple caspias and eucalyptus doesn’t need water and will stay looking fresh for months and even years. 

Another option that last more than a week is a Hestia bouquet. With 20 stalks of red carnations, six stalks of white eustomas, six stalks of red carnation spray, and green bell, these can last up to three weeks.

Insider Tip: Changing the water and trimming the stems every couple of days will make a dramatic difference in how long your they'll last. Toss away the wilted buds as they come up and save the rest so they can last two to three weeks.

High-Quality Low-Cost Congratulatory Flowers That Impress

Looking for an affordable congratulatory bouquet but don’t want to sacrifice quality? You’ve come to the right place. We have a beautiful selection of low-priced blooms that are sure to impress. Let’s look at a few of our favourite flowers to say congratulations --- without breaking the bank! 

Our Devotion bouquet features red roses, sweet williams, and cordyline leaves for a timelessly elegant look. For a delightful pastel option, look at the Adore bouquet of five stalks of quicksand roses, five stalks of peach gerberas, two stalks of peach matthiola, and stalks of champagne eustomas.

Last but certainly not least is the popular Mamma Mia bouquet featuring six stalks of salmon roses, five stalks of pink carnations, and two stalks of pink pom poms.

Are Plants Good Congratulatory Gifts?

Looking to send a congratulatory gift but don’t think that bouquets are the right option? Look for congratulatory plants. Not only are they great congratulations gifts for men and women alike (though flowers are much more appreciated by men than you might think!), but they last for years. If you are looking for a gift that keeps on giving, look to our extensive collection of high-quality plant gifts.

Easy Gift for Any Occasion: Edible Plants

Whether it is a gourmet feast or a cup of instant noodles, everything's better with a bit of fresh herbs. That is why we love herb gardens as a congratulatory gift. It is especially wonderful as a housewarming present and also suits as a foolproof gift option for anyone at every special time.

Browse our selection of edible plants, or impress with the Marinade Herb Garden of rosemary, basil, and oregano or the chic Curry Dish Herb Garden featuring curry leaf, chilli, and bay leaf.

Easy Care Plant Gifts

If you are on the hunt for a gift for someone who doesn’t exactly have a green thumb, look at our collection of easy-to-care-for plants.

We especially love options like the sansevieria trifasciata laurentii and epipremnum aureum (also known as the money plant) don’t need any direct light so it’s perfect for a place that might not have window space. You have probably seen sansevieria trifasciata laurentii (also known as snake plants) in many offices because they can adapt to low-light conditions. 

Another plant that is easy to take care of is our selection of cacti and succulents. Whether you go for a timeless barrel cactus, an attention-grabbing euphorbia stellata, or a fun sansevieria cylindrica (also known as a starfish sansevieria).

Pet-Friendly Plants Gifts

Looking for the perfect gift for that pet lover in your life? Say congratulations to plants that are safe with cats and dogs. We have a wide array of pet-friendly plants that are a lovely addition to any room.

Get a tree like a lady palm for someone’s new home or add a touch of life to the shelves of someone's new office with the peperomia fovaria.

What to Know Before You Order Congratulatory Flowers

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most common questions that we get asked about congratulatory flower delivery.

When Should I Order Flowers for Delivery?

Our typical timeline for flower delivery is three working days. We recommend that you order as early as possible but we also accommodate last-minute delivery. If you have an urgent order, you can call us at +65 6904 3029, email, or click on the Chat With Us button from any page on our Singapore florist online store.

How Much Does Delivery Cost?

To have flower delivery in Singapore, there is a $10 charge for each delivery location. When you order a large plant, there is a cost of $30 per delivery location. We offer free delivery when you spend $200 on a single receipt. Experience the beauty of flowers with our online flower delivery!

Order a Custom Congratulatory Flower Bouquet Online in Singapore

Absolutely! On top of our stunning selection of flower bouquets, we do customised arrangements. To get your dream bouquet created, call us at +65 6904 3029 or email 

Still searching for congratulations gift inspiration? Browse our Instagram to see even more dazzling options.

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