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              Did you know there are benefits to gardening?
              1. Gardening burns calories!
              Gardening is considered as moderate-intensity exercise and you can burn up to 300 calories just by spending an hour doing some light gardening! In fact just 30mins gardening can lower your blood pressure. 
              2. If you’re planting edibles – growing your own food helps you eat healthier!
              Not only are you providing fresh fruits and vegetables – seeing all the fresh fruits & veges at home also help the young ones explore and try foods they would otherwise not see or eat.
              3. Gardening relieves stress!
              Gardening has been positively correlated in studies to reducing depression & anxiety. 
              In fact some hospitals even use floral arrangement and planting as a form of rehabilitation form patients in recovery. And these are just a fraction of the many benefits that come with growing nature in and around your home. 
              While 70% of Singapore reside in apartment buildings and we may not have the kind of space – the great news is, a lot of houseplants we all love can be take care of right here in your own home. You just need the right kinda of light, water and love. 
              Here at Sing See Soon, we have a plant for every garden, big or small, indoor or outdoor. Our plants are brought in from carefully selected growers – we love to support local growers whether in Singapore or in and around the region. With our own fleet of delivery trucks, we are now able to bring you the plants you shop online to your home at your convenience. Choose the day, and time slot and voila! Delivered to your doorstep or as a surprise gift to your loved one. Plant shopping and plant delivery all in 1 click. Don’t forget to check out our blogs – we regularly put out neat tips & tricks to help you navigate plant care here in Singapore! 

              Potted Foliage - Buy Plants Online Singapore

              Monstera deliciosa


              Anthurium andraeanum (Red)


              Dieffenbachia seguine 'Green Magic'


              Petunia Mixed Color (Hanging)




              Kaffir Lime (Limau Purut)


              Blue Pea


              Thuja orientalis


              Calocephalus brownii


              Phyllanthus mirabillis


              Monstera deliciosa variegata


              Philodendron goeldii 'Fun Bun'


              Cordyline 'Fountain Purple'


              Hoya carnosa 'Krimson Queen'


              Dischidia 'Dragon Jade'


              Cissus rotundifolia


              Licuala grandis (Fan Palm)


              Philodendron pluto


              Cordyline 'Kiwi Yellow'

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