A SuperWoman, Our SuperMom; Margaret

A SuperWoman, Our SuperMom; Margaret

If you frequent our Experiential Garden Centre at Simei, you will most definitely have had a chance to see or even speak with Aunty Margaret. Our resident 'Mom' Aunt M always has a snack, a drink or a listening ear for anyone... And it's no wonder she is like a mom to all of us, her children mean the world to her... and carry her through many of life's ups & downs. 

What has so far been your biggest challenge as a woman?

Before marriage, the challenge was hunting for Mr Right. When Mr Right is onboard, it's part of life's journey to have smooth sailing with Mr Right. But thus far, THE biggest challenge has been filling the role of a busy dad for my kids.

What support did you get / were looking for?

I couldn't not change their daddy's lifestyle. Instead I found channels which I could involve my kids in, and I gathered with my siblings & their kids – this made up the bond we lack as a traditional family. 

I was always hopeful their daddy could address and note the importance of a father's role.

Were you able to overcome your challenge with the support or you couldn't find the support?

I did and my 2 God-given children are my strength and the love for them helped me to overcome the tough and stormy days.

I am grateful to my Divine source for His grace and mercies and favours in good health. I am especially grateful to the smallest word spoken to me in my lowest time encouraging me to push on.

What do you want to say to other women out there who might be going through similar challenges as yourself?

Don't wallow self pity, or stay long in a sorry state. 

IT IS OK to cry. Cry loud, cry bitter – and trust me, you WILL feel much better. Tears is a gift of God to help release tension... and to make our eyes see clearer ahead.

Then stand up TALL and look up, and tell yourself I am now a stronger woman ....💪🏻


Aunt M's words are wise words – I do also strongly believe in a GOOD CRY. And even if you may not be religious, crying has scientifically been proven to be healthy! Researchers have established that crying releases oxytocin and endogenous opioids, also known as endorphins. These feel-good chemicals help ease both physical and emotional pain.

So whether they are tears of joy or sadness, CRY and let them hear you ROAR! 

And next time when you're in our space, swing by to the counter and say HI to Aunt M!! 


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