Baby Breaths - Perfect Ornamental Flower For All Arrangements

Flowers have forever been used as a gesture of love, care, affection, and respect. They are also used as decoration on special occasions and events. Now imagine a simple flower that is so intricate and fragile, which not only looks beautiful on its own but also helps other flowers in an arrangement shine, that is baby breaths for you!

Baby breaths are one of the most favorite ornamental flowers worldwide that continue to grace the bouquets and flower arrangements at multiple occasions. Composing a long stem that branches out into several smaller ones, each adorned with tiny buds of cute flowers, baby breaths are a crowd pleaser.

Whether you want to use them alone or in combination with other types of flowers, these can be used in practically any occasion and event. So where do baby breaths come from and what do they symbolize? How can baby breaths be used in different ways to grace your homes and events? How can you care for them better so that they last longer? Find out answers to all these questions and much more in the following sections.

baby breath

History of Baby Breaths

Baby breaths, scientific name Gypsophila, belong to the Carnation family Caryophyllaceae. These flowers grow in the thick mineral soil known as gypsum, hence the name Gypsophila. They mainly originate from Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Pacific Islands. There are around 150 species of Baby Breaths but broadly speaking, they can be divided into two categories: Gypsophila Xlence and Gypsophila Million Stars.

Gypsophila Xlence comprises relatively larger blooms and has a stronger scent. On the other hand, Gypsophila Million Stars has a greater number of smaller blooms and has a much milder scent. Their strong stems and delicate blooms make them a perfect flower to be used for making bouquets and different decorative arrangements for occasions and events.

What they symbolize

Baby breaths have lovingly been used since the Victorian Era as they were considered a symbol of innocence, purity, and everlasting love. Since that time, this flower has symbolized aesthetic beauty and delicacy. The innocence and purity of this flower is associated with a baby’s innocence, hence the name Baby Breath. Its scent also resembles a baby’s breath but this scent is very mild and muted and is easily overcome by the aroma of other flowers in the arrangement. Alternatively, essential oils can also be used to tone down its scent.

Available colors

Baby breaths are naturally available in white color and are predominantly used in its natural form to represent the purity and innocence that it symbolizes. However, these white flowers can be dyed in many different colors ranging from pinks, yellow, blue, violet, green, and other hues.

These colorful baby breaths are often used on occasions where you want to give a more energetic and lively vibe. Pink baby breaths represent femininity, love, romance, and charm. Blue baby breaths symbolize trust, loyalty, and faith.

However, the most popular color for baby breaths remains white as the elegance and intricacy that white baby breath offers is unmatched. They are a symbol of purity, goodness, beginnings, innocence, softness, and new avenues.

Baby Breaths life span

Baby breaths usually last from 5 to 10 days depending on the conditions in which they are kept. If they are kept in an airconditioned room, away from direct sunlight, and their stems are trimmed daily, they will remain fresh for longer. Alternatively, in a hot environment with no stem trimming, they will barely last 5 days.



How Baby Breaths are used?

The simplicity and intricacy of baby breaths make them a popular choice of flowers to be used in a variety of ways. Not only are they used as fillers in striking ways to enhance the appearance of other flowers in a bouquet, they can also be used alone in a myriad of ways to give a very unique and majestic appearance. Some of the ways in which baby breaths can be utilized are discussed below:

In bouquets for different occasions

One of the most common uses of baby breaths is in bouquets presented to friends, family, and loved ones on various occasions. Whether it is an anniversary, birthday, valentines day, mother day, or any other occasion, you can use baby breath bouquets. They are normally used as fillers with other types of flowers like roses and chrysanthemums. 

The white buds with small green leaves of baby breaths make them a perfect combination to be used with other colorful flowers. Because of their delicate and intricate shape and design, baby breaths do not steal focus from the main flowers in the bouquet, rather help to further enhance their appearance.

Simple table and chair arrangements for events

Baby breaths can also be used for decorating tables and chairs in weddings and other formal occasions. They appear beautifully elegant in table settings whether a single stem is placed on each plate on a table or their bunches adorn center vases on the tables. Baby breaths can be used alone as bunches in the vases or paired with neutral colored flowers to give an elegant and decent ambiance.

Baby breaths can also be used for decorating chairs and reception areas. Normally, they are paired with green leaves and dry grass arrangement to give an ethereal and luxurious feel. You can even add a few bright colored flowers to this arrangement to bring a pop of color into the surroundings.

Hair accessory and flower crowns

Baby breaths make for amazing hair accessories while creating different hairstyles. Because of their small and delicate size, they make the perfect accessory as they do not steal focus from the actual hair style, rather complement it. They can be used to adorn a hair bun or added as adornment in braids. They also go well with open, flowy hairstyles.

Apart from hair accessories, baby breaths can be used to create flower crowns which can be worn by small girls and women alike. These flower crowns can look beautiful and elegant on weddings and receptions.

Bridal and bridesmaid bouquets

Every bride has to carry a bouquet on her big day and what better choice of flowers than baby breaths. They go well with the white theme of the wedding and with the bride’s white dress. If you want to have a colorful bouquet, even then you can use baby breaths to complement the colored flowers. Otherwise, the white and green colors of a baby breath bouquet will look simply exquisite and elegant in a wedding.

Apart from the bride’s bouquet, smaller baby breath bouquets for the bridesmaids also create an elegant and sophisticated ambience in a wedding. These tiny blooms can also make beautiful corsages for the bridesmaids.

Floral altar and stage

For a wedding, the altar and stage is always set and decorated with different ornaments. And what better ornamentation can there be except flowers? Although altars are usually decorated in a theme that uses a particular color of flowers, you can always add baby breaths to that arrangement as the neutral hues of baby breaths can perfectly blend with the other flowers.

Baby breaths can similarly be used to create floral arches for other events like birthdays, graduations, baby showers, and bridal showers. Combining them with other types of flowers of particular color will set the overall theme of the event. For example, baby breaths when paired with pink and peach roses on a floral arch will look simply stunning for a bridal shower.

Cake topper and decoration

Since the last few years, fresh flowers have been used for decorating cakes whether they are for birthdays, weddings, or other occasions. Usually soft, pastel colored flowers are used for decorating such cakes. However, baby breaths also look stunningly beautiful on a cake whether they are used as standalone ornamentation or used in combination with some other type of flower. You can use them as a cake topper or as a side decoration in all the tiers of a multi-tiered cake.

Ideas to pair Baby Breaths with

As discussed above, baby breaths look majestic either alone or when used with other flowers. Although they go pretty well with almost any flower, there are a few types and colors of flower which go amazingly well with baby breaths. Some of these beautiful combinations include the following:

Peonies, roses, and baby breaths

One of the most beautiful combinations of baby breaths is with pink peonies and pink roses. This combination creates a beautiful pastel-toned bouquet that is perfect as a gift or as a bridal bouquet.

Roses and baby breaths

Deep red roses when combined with intricate white baby breaths create a passionate bouquet that symbolizes romance and love. This is a perfect gift for a loved one for anniversaries, birthdays, and valentine’s day.

Dahlias and baby breaths

Dark purple dahlias and baby breaths create a combination of flowers that is also perfect for any occasion with a loved one. The deep color of the dahlias create a perfect contrast with the white tiny blooms of baby breaths to give the perfect romantic gesture.

Chrysanthemum, roses, lisianthus, baby breaths, and dusty miller

If you want to create a bouquet with a variety of flowers, then this combination will create the perfect pastel-colored, cool bouquet. Choose pink or peach roses, yellow or sky blue chrysanthemums, pastel dusty millers, and white baby breaths. Arrange them in any combination, preferably with larger flowers inside and smaller blooms surrounding them. Add in a few leafy stems to create an amazing pastel bouquet that is ideal for garden parties, mothers day, and birthdays.

Fern and baby breaths

If you want to go simple with a combination of baby breaths, just pair them with fresh green ferns. This subtle, yet elegant combination creates a perfect ornamentation for any event that revolves around minimalism and elegance.

Orchids and baby breaths

Orchids are beautiful flowers on their own but when paired with baby breaths, the combination is a timeless and classic bouquet that is bound to swoon anyone off their feet. This bouquet can be used in weddings as well as in other intimate events where you want to symbolize purity and new beginnings.

Wildflowers, sunflowers, and baby breaths

If you want to make a statement with a bouquet, sunflowers are the safest choice. But how to add a touch of class and elegance to this bouquet? Add in some baby breaths! For an even more amazing combination, throw in a few different colored wildflowers to create a vibrant bouquet that is bound to catch everyone’s attention. You can choose pink, red, and purple wild flowers to go with the sunflowers. In the end, white baby breaths will help create balance among all the flowers to create a striking and stunning arrangement.

How to care for Baby Breaths

Baby breaths usually last for about 5-6 days but if taken care of properly, you can make them last longer. Whenever you receive baby breaths in a bouquet or a box, keep the following tips in mind to make them last longer:

  • Take out all the flowers from the box or bouquet so that they can be prepared to place in a vase or container.
  • Remove any extra foliage or leaves from the baby breath’s stems so they do not fall in the water when placed in the container.
  • From the bottom of the stems, cut an inch off the stem in a diagonal direction to help the stems absorb maximum water for hydration.
  • Add some fresh water in the vase or container. Mix in some flower food in the water to prevent bacteria from growing. You can make your own flower food by mixing water with bleach, citric acid or lemon juice, and sugar. This food will help the flowers to stay fresh longer.
  • Once the water is in place, add in the baby breath stems in the container.
  • Place the container in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.
  • Change the water of the container every 24 hours and cut an inch off diagonally from the stems every day as well.

All these above mentioned tips can help prolong the life of your baby breaths. You can choose baby breaths for any kind of occasion, whether for yourself or to be given as a gift to a loved one. At Sing See Soon, you can get the perfect baby breaths arrangement or get it customized according to your preferences. Contact us today to see the wide variety of flower options and get them delivered according to your requirements.


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