A Time For Family

A Time For Family

As we prepare to celebrate the Mid Autumn festival this year, we remember what family means to us. A time for family, a time for gatherings and a time for reunion. Gracelyn our CEO, talks a little bit about what it means to helm a 5-generational business, into a new era of digital & social media.

When we started our first rebranding project in 2006, there was a consideration to westernize our brand. It was a big decision as the full company name then, carried so much family history and has been in the family for 4 generations.

At the same time, we were also inspired by successful traditional Chinese names such as Poh Heng Jewellry and Eu Yang Sang and hence decidedly rebranded keeping the most significant Chinese Character in the company name – 新

Today, we stand proudly behind our new branding that has resonated with our consumers and partners for the last 13 years.

With the events of 2020 – there certainly was a push to streamline all our services into 1 digital platform, to better serve you, our customers. And as part of the launch of the new website, we are excited to share our portfolios that will also feature Chinese characters, not only as part of an extension of our brand, but also to share with our diverse community the meaning of some Chinese characters. We are excited to tag our core portfolio to these Chinese words.

Inclusivity & diversity has always been in our language. What we have come to love – is to have our non-Chinese community also learn and journey with us as part of a Chinese family business. So cool to have our Indian / Malay friends saying to someone – I order 花 from SSS!

And as we journey with you, be it in milestones you celebrate, or homes you decorate, we only hope to grow a bigger family with you, you & you.

Have a beautiful mid autumn everyone, we hope to see you on Thursday 1 Oct at our space for a wonderful evening of Yum Cha and lantern walking. 来来!




All the cousins of Gen 5


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