On 22nd May, a group of avid cyclist and supporters proudly donned the BCF 2022 Limited Edition Orchid Print Jersey to show their support for Breast Cancer Foundation's (BCF) advocacy and awareness program.

They begin with a short & scenic ride to Changi Bay Lookout from Ciclo e Caffè at Changi Village.

It was also a day of networking with everyone that has gathered.

We would like to appreciate and thank everyone who came to support us for this event. We are honored and grateful to have you with us in this fight against breast cancer.


BCF 2022 Limited Edition Orchid Print Jersey by Santini Italy

As part of Wonder Women@SSS presents: Wonder of Women – a one-of-a-kind custom Santini Jersey was commissioned with limited production run of 143 pieces in support of Breast Cancer Foundation Singapore.

Truly a global collaboration. Produced in Italy by the renowned Santini Italy, the beautiful orchid print is designed by Dawn Bey of Minor Miracles, and is inspired by our National Flower, Vanda Miss Joaquim – a symbol of resilience, uniqueness & hybrid culture. The veins of the flower are an emphasis in our design to highlight the importance of the role of women in society, pumping blood into the heart and thereby bringing life force to the human body, and similarly bringing life to society.

As part of our commitment to Breast Cancer Foundation Singapore this year, a donation from the sale of the jersey will go towards supporting the wonderful work they do to in breast cancer advocacy & support in Singapore.

Join us for the last and final ride in October and support us in our journey with BCF!  



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