Celebrating Women. Celebrating their Stories. Celebrating Grace.

Celebrating Women. Celebrating their Stories. Celebrating Grace.

This International Women's Day, we want to celebrate the struggles, the strength, and the support that makes up the Wonder Women that we are. 

At Sing See Soon, no one exemplifies this moniker, more than our very own CEO, Gracelyn. Daughter, mother, friend, boss, mentor. Woman. A woman of the 21st century. A woman who straddles responsibilities, obligations alongside her own needs and wants as a person. 

We sit down with Gracelyn to hear about her Wonder Story. 

What has so far been your biggest challenge as a woman?

The biggest challenge for me would be juggling the different roles as well as finding a plate big enough to fit everything.

A daily battle in my life revolves around the issue of choice – the freedom to choose which hat to wear today, who i want to be today.

We are submerged in traditional norms that may restrict our roles.


What support did you get / were looking for?

As shared, SSS is a matriach family business and there are many many role models. My mother, my aunts, my cousins break stereotype everyday doing what we do at the business

Were you able to overcome your challenge with the support or you couldn't find the support?

It is sometimes difficult to find the right support as our struggles are personal and every one of us fights a different battles. i am extremely grateful and blessed that i am always surrounded by angels and people who just so happen to always have empowering, uplifting conversations when i feel like i need a pick me up.

What do you want to say to other women out there who might be going through similar challenges as yourself?

Share your stories, your struggles, your successes. Share. BY sharing with your communities, we break traditional stereotypes, spread optimism, teach empathy and fight the patriarchy and dogma that so often constrain us.

We must build communities that support women to unleash their power and to encourage them to achieve their goals

So let's take that call, to share. Come share your stories, and build a community of support with us this weekend as we share our WonderStories@SSS

Tickets are sold at $100 each with 50% of proceeds going to support the wonderful work at Breast Cancer Foundation. Each participant will be gifted a goodie bag worth over $100 – and the first 10 sign ups will receive a Complimentary Women’s Basic Health Assessment Package from Icon Health Screening valued at $200 each. 

Happy International Women's Day!  

See you on Sunday! 


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