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Let's Get Germinating!

So! You’ve got your seeds and are now ready to get your edible garden growing! But.. How to do this? Where to start? If you haven’t grown your own edibles from seeds before, it may seem a little overwhelming. Our Edibles Germination Kit is here to take away your uncertainty. 

We wanna make sure that we’ve got everything we need: 

  1. 9-hole seeding tray – pre-filled with Agromax Premium Mix 
  2. 100ml mist spraying bottle 
  3. 2 Plant tags 
  4. Your seeds

4 easy steps to germinate your seeds.

  1. Moisten the soil by spraying lightly.
  2. Insert 1 seed into each planting hole – not more than 2cm belbow the soil surface & Lightly spray the top of the soil.
  3. Cover the top of the tray and leave in a dark area during germination. Maintain a lightly moist soil during this time.
  4. Once your seeds start sprouting, you may bring the tray out into the light - make sure they get 4-6 hours of sunlight daily, and maintain a moist (but not overly wet) soil 

Sounds easy enough yea! And so exciting when the little shoots start to sprout too! 

Wanna learn more? We’re working together with Sogen Pte Ltd, to bring you a Hands On Planting Passion Workshop For only $105 over a 3-session workshop! What you’ll get from this 3-session basic workshop (The Tri-Cycle of Crop): 

Session 1: Distinguish Planting Medium & Acquiring Skills to Sow Seeds 
You’ll learn: 

  • Recognise proper soil preparation 
  • Follow soil preparation process 
  • Identify seed sowing procedure 
  • Hands on sowing of seed 

Session 2: Discover Transplant Cause & Effects 
You’ll learn: 

  • Transplanting method 
  • Transplanting concept 
  • Practise transplant method in 5 steps 

Session 3: Basic Management of Edibles – Stages of Growth 
You’ll learn: 

  • How to identify pests & diseases 
  • Methods on how to build resilience 
  • Watering methods
  • Practise 1 watering method 
  • Methods of harvest 
  • Practise 1 method of harvest 

Each session is a 1-1.5 hour session, taking place over 3 days. Materials & light refreshments will be provided and you’ll get to bring home the plant that you worked on! 

Sign up here for the workshop today! 

Oh, and one last thing! Some fun discounts to make planting even more fun! Your Germination Kit also comes with 50%* off all ceramic pots. And if you sign up for the Planting Passion Workshop, you get 5% OFF all plants & essentials^ on the days of your workshops. How’s that for some extra motivation? 


*50% OFF applies ONLY for all ceramic pots, Baba are pots not included. Valid only on the day of kit purchase. 
^Exclusions apply — please check with our team on the floor.