Lifestyle@SingSeeSoon: What’s Growing This April

The rain & sun has been perfect for all our plants & blooms and we are so excited to share what we’re gonna be up to in April! 

1 April 2021 Yes! I know Mother’s Day is in May – but who says we can’t plan ahead ;) We are launching a pre-order 1 month in advance – on a brand new range of designs. This capsule collection is limited to Mother’s Day only, and will only be available for delivery 3–10 May. We are only doing a limited quantity of these gorgeous beauties, so head over to check them out, and grab them quickly. Members get an exclusive discount & FREE Delivery on ALL pre-orders in this collection. Check out the Mother’s Day Collection here. 

4 April 2021 Spend Easter Sunday with us, amidst our lush greenery and chill out with the guys from @SundaySocialMarket! Bringing you a curated array of local brands & businesses – come makan, music & market with us. See the brands that will be here on the event page here, and pre-order your picnic bag for some bites (& drinks!) 

22 April 2021 We’re gonna be launching a “Reduce Plastic Use” Initiative with a range of products we have curated to support this programme. Watch this space for more updates in April!