Lifestyle @ Sing See Soon Simei – Coming At You This Holiday!

Lifestyle @ Sing See Soon Simei – Coming At You This Holiday!

Sometime much earlier this year, we were rolling out a series of FREE workshops to introduce what we call Weekends@SSS. 

The take up was great, people were keen to sign up for paid workshops, and we had so many partners and events we wanted to bring to you guys at our space here in Simei. 

Cue in a pandemic, and in within a few months, it was all silence and crickets and everything we had planned had to be put on hold and on the back burner. 

Designed with community engagement in mind, a nation wide lock down just meant that we had to relook how we engaged. So we took that time to build our social media presence, revamped our online shop and re-engaged with our social community in a different way from before. 

When they announced that restrictions were gonna ease up, we were so excited to bring back Weekends@SSS. Over the last few months, we held small workshops, mini bazaars and tested out what worked best and how we can ensure everyone’s safety so we can all enjoy the space with peace of mind. 

So here it is, we’re back baby!

With the holidays and Christmas coming up – we’re proud to bring you Lifestye@SSS. From workshops, to bazaars, we are set to bring #SSSsupportsLocal to the space like never before. We’re working with and bringing in trainers and partners and food who are all local businesses – whether they are start ups or established for years – we want to show our support and bring their brand to you within our space. 

Check out more details for our workshops on our online store or ALL the events we have on our Facebook Events page. 

OH! And one last thing... We still need to be mindful of safety measures that have been keeping us safe this whole time! Please make sure you are masked up while in our space, take a temperature check before you enter AND do a Safe-Entry Check-in. Keep your social distancing in place and make sure no more than 5 people are gathered together. 

While our workshops are opened to a bigger group now, we are careful to ensure that each participant is 1m apart in our classroom setting and that we are all masked up during the workshop. 

Our spaces are also wiped down every 2-3hours, to make sure that we keep any germs at bay. 

Let’s stay safe y’all and we are stoked to see you guys over the next couple of months! 


OK OK, I promise this is the last thing... We’re still adding more partners and getting all the details together. So do watch our events page on Facebook for more details! 


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