Love is Love is Love is Love!

Lifestyle@SingSeeSoon has always been built around the concept of being an inclusive space, a safe space, a place for community building. We were so stoked when @SundaySocial mooted the idea of hosting Pasar Pink in our space at Simei! 

After a brief hiatus over the pandemic, Pink Dot came back with a BANG and the love could be felt brimming from each person in our little corner in the East. 

It was a beautiful, crazy Saturday filled with acceptance and love and support. Not just for each and every person, but the support for each local business as well. 

🌈 💕 We want to build a community that allows for everyone to be any one they are meant to be. And most importantly, we want to THANK YOU for supporting our journey as a community to realising a future that is filled with LOVE and not fear 💕🌈 


Keep an eye out on this space for more community building or reach out to us at if you wanna work on any projects for the community together.