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  • There is a set fee of $30 for delivery of Christmas trees islandwide (including Sentosa & Marina Bay).

  • Disposal is an optional add on at $45 or $65 – please indicate your preferred disposal date within comments at checkout.

  • Tree stands are sold separately to allow for the option of reusing your old stands.

  • With proper care, your tree should last from 4–6 weeks. so do plan accordingly! 


Make Christmas extra special this year with your own Christmas tree!

Christmas is arguably one of the best holiday seasons that everyone looks forward to in the year. Whether you’re heading out for a holiday in the winter wonderland overseas or simply keeping things cosy by celebrating at home, this festive season is never completed without a Christmas tree.

As a true symbolisation of Christmas, a Christmas tree is often the star of your home. Not only do the ornaments and decorations captivate your guests, but the living room is where the Christmas tree resides and witnesses special moments. For instance, when family members and guests gather to sing Christmas carols and have heartfelt conversations, or when the children exchange and open their presents.

But before you even get to this moment, the task of preparing a wonderful Christmas tree can be quite daunting -- from the purchase of your Christmas tree, decorating it and even disposing of it. But fret not, because we’re going to help you!

What to look for when purchasing a Christmas tree

Type of tree

There is often an array of tree types to choose from for your Christmas tree. For the most common type, it is typically a Virginia pine or firs, with other less common types being deodar cedar, sand pine and cypress trees. 

However, some trees may have sharper needles than others such as spruce trees. So if you have children at home, we would suggest picking either a pine or fir tree.

Colour of tree

Christmas trees can also come in varying shades, ranging from yellow, green, and dark green, while others may come with grey or white hues. Depending on what type of style you’re going for this festive season, it is wise to choose a tree based on a colour that best accommodates your intended look.

Thickness of tree

In terms of thickness, some trees are naturally more cluttered than others, with heavy bushes and tighter branching patterns. With these types of trees, it means that you’ll have lesser space to work with for your decorations. So if you’re someone who is heavy on ornaments and decorations, we would recommend sticking to a tree with more empty spaces. And if you’d like, you may even bring a few of your ornaments down to test them out on the trees.

Height of tree

While some homes boast a taller ceiling, it is crucial you determine the height of the ground to the ceiling of your own home, and how tall you’d like your tree to be before purchase. In doing so, the excess trunk of your tree will be cut off for you before it is transported to your home.

How to set up a Christmas tree

Now you’ve selected and purchased your ideal Christmas tree, it is time to set it up. While the task seems difficult, here are a few steps you should take note of to make this a seamless process.

  1. Unload the tree and get extra manpower if the tree is heavy
  2. Place the tree on a stand and keep it upright
  3. Tighten the stand so your tree is in place
  4. Add water to the stand and ensure there is sufficient water at all times to prevent the tree from drying out
  5. Allow your tree to absorb the water for at least 24 hours or more
  6. Begin decorating

What are 3 easy Christmas tree styles

With your Christmas tree all ready, we can get to the fun part -- decorating! But you may be wondering -- from traditional fir trees decked in the classic red and gold or more colourful and modern trees, which should I choose? 

Here are 3 Christmas tree styles to help you kick off your decorating session!

The classic Christmas tree

Keeping things simple at the start of the list, you can always stick to the classic Christmas tree design. With the colour theme surrounding green, red and gold, it doesn’t get more traditional than this. But to spice things up a little, you can always add on varying shades of gold and red. For instance, opt for antique gold for your ornaments, but keep your stars and fairy lights in yellow gold. For red, there’s also a spectrum for you to choose from, such as maroon for your present papers or vivid red for your tree ornaments.

With green, splash this colour around your living room to keep the classic Christmas theme flowing throughout your entire home. To do this, you can add potted plants on your tables or hang a Christmas wreath by the television, windows and doors. With colours and furniture in coordination, this helps to create consistency in your home and a concept of the traditional Christmas style.

Design your Christmas tree in your style

If the classic colour combination isn’t your thing, there are other colours in the rainbow spectrum you can mix and match. For example, for all the pink lovers out there, how about making things pretty in pink this Christmas? 

Make Christmas extra feminine this year by combining tones of pink and white for your Christmas tree theme. For your furniture and home accessories, incorporate hues of pastel shades such as baby blue and cream across bookshelves, window grills and even mirrors. For a touch of texture, hang pink peonies alongside your pale blue baubles and lay sprigs of cherry blossom across your tables.

For those who prefer a touch of glamour this Christmas, you can stick to a single colour like gold as the main theme of your Christmas tree. While using a gold tree is a choice, you may choose to stick a regular green tree as well, but add an assortment of gold decorations with different styles and textures. 

To further accentuate the golden splendour, you can tie in shades of silver and grey on your ornaments and furniture. Not only does this give off a classy look to your Christmas tree, but you’ll be able to match the rest of your furniture to create a gleaming regal look for your home. 

Pink and gold may seem fitting in the festive colours spectrum, but that doesn’t mean you should shy away from other unnatural colours. If you have a bright personality, show that on your Christmas tree too! Go royally blue this Christmas with palettes such as turquoise and royal blue, deep browns and earth tones. 

Then, whip out your festive decorations such as pine cones, stars and ribbons in blue prints. To create a contrasting element, keep your furniture and walls white so that your shades of blue will be able to stand out on their own.

Have fun in a Winter Wonderland

If you’re not travelling to the land of Santa or a snowy country, not to fret! You can always bring the entire snow-covered forest to your home -- that is, by creating a winter wonderland in your living room and the big white Christmas tree is definitely included as well.

Give your tree a winter wonderland makeover as you introduce natural materials such as wood, greenery and twigs. For your ornaments, you can add pine cones and fake berries decorations alongside your baubles. In terms of colours, shades of white, green and silver are the way to go to create a snowy atmosphere. To also create a cosy feel with your furniture, build on frosted decorations and quilts, stockings and pillows with white accents to fully embrace the winter woods and bring the outdoors into your home.

What other decorations best complement your tree

While your Christmas tree is the star of your show this festive season, you’re still encouraged to complete the look with other festive decorations and accessories. 

Christmas wreath

Like a cherry on top of a cake, a Christmas wreath helps you to complete your festive decorations, alongside the Christmas tree. Regardless of your preference for a traditional styled Christmas wreath with pine cones, dried fruits and holly, or a modern Christmas wreath with a simple design, it is crucial to remember to add this holiday season staple to your shopping list.

Potted plants

Liven up your home with houseplants to create a holly jolly mood. You can start by decorating your houseplants with festive ornaments such as fairy lights and tinsels. But if you do not have houseplants, other options you may go for are artificial potted plants. You can place them on side tables as decor, or lay them alongside your window to enhance the merry mood. If not, add foliage by buying Christmas flowers and plants and watch them bloom throughout the end of the year.

Smaller Christmas trees

Besides potted plants, another alternative for decorations would be smaller Christmas trees. Yes, we said it -- more Christmas trees because there can never be too many of them and they are also beautiful as tableside decorations. For other areas of your home, consider placing smaller Christmas trees on your dining table -- you can help create a centrepiece as your guests come over and dine. And to light everything up, you can also entwine more fairy lights to your Christmas tree to complete the decorative look.

How to dispose of a Christmas tree

Once the festive season is over or if your tree starts dropping needles, it is time to dispose of your Christmas tree. For this, use an oversized garbage bag and place your tree inside. Then, you may choose to have it recycled at a local flower store. They would usually be given back to the community and repurposed again for future use, or placed into flower beds and local parks. 

How much do Christmas trees cost

Christmas trees come in a wide range of prices. From simple and smaller trees to elaborated and big trees, you will find options at every price point. Here at Sing See Soon, we have transparent pricing on all our Christmas and you may inquire at +65 6904 3029 to find out more details.

Where to purchase a Christmas tree

There are different Christmas trees you can go for, but it is ultimately up to you to decide how you want to decorate your tree and home. At the same time, it's always good to have fun while decorating and letting your imagination flow. 

Buy Christmas Trees Online & Delivery in Singapore

If you’re looking to purchase your Christmas tree and accompanying accessories during this festive season, all you need to do is browse our Christmas selection or scroll through our Instagram for more ideas.

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It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas! Enjoy the fresh pine scent of a real christmas tree in your home, with our Fraser Fir Christmas trees, or fresh Fraser Fir wreaths to welcome you home as you open your door.

At Sing See Soon, our Fraser Fir Christmas trees & wreaths come from a sustainable farm in Canada, direct to your doorstep, here in Singapore. Your trees all get an individual wash down, so any fallen pines get washed out, and we wrap them up again before sending them to your home for you to enjoy. 

Why Fraser Firs? Fraser Firs have been unrivalled in their use during the holiday season – well known for their fresh fragrance and symmetrical, conical shape, they retain the soft texture of their needles after they are cut, so they won’t prick your fingers while hanging the ornaments. They also last a longer time than other firs before drying & dropping off. 

Fraser Fir Christmas Tree Care in Singapore It’s best to get your tree into fresh water as soon as you receive them – if possible, trim off 1cm off the trunk so it can “drink” water better. Maintaining a high level of moisture for the tree is important in reducing loss of needles and keeping it fresh. When watered daily, you can keep the tree fresh for up to four weeks. We also like to throw in ice cubes, so the water retains some coolness for the tree. Read our blog here for care tips! 

Pro tip: We also like to just crush the pine leaves in our hands every once in a while, to release the fragrance from the needles. And with Fraser Fir’s soft needles, you don’t have to worry about getting pricked! 

Say No to Mozzies! Remember to keep the mozzies at bay! You can add mosquito bits into the water, or throw in a couple of aspirin/panadol every couple of days to prevent any mosquitos from laying eggs.