NOTE: OUR CHRISTMAS TREES HAVE ALL BEEN SOLD OUT! Do take a look at our other Christmas Products! 

              DELIVERY & DISPOSAL ~ All Christmas products are available for delivery from 23 November. Please select the date at checkout ~ For option on disposal of your tree, please indicate within ‘notes’ at check out. Disposal is available from 26 Dec 2020 – 7 Jan 2021 ~

              It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas! Enjoy the fresh pine scent of a real christmas tree in your home, with our Fraser Fir Christmas trees, or fresh Fraser Fir wreaths to welcome you home as you open your door.

              At Sing See Soon, our Fraser Fir Christmas trees & wreaths come from a sustainable farm in Canada, direct to your doorstep, here in Singapore. Your trees all get an individual wash down, so any fallen pines get washed out, and we wrap them up again before sending them to your home for you to enjoy. 

              Why Fraser Firs? Fraser Firs have been unrivalled in their use during the holiday season – well known for their fresh fragrance and symmetrical, conical shape, they retain the soft texture of their needles after they are cut, so they won’t prick your fingers while hanging the ornaments. They also last a longer time than other firs before drying & dropping off. 

              Fraser Fir Christmas Tree Care in Singapore It’s best to get your tree into fresh water as soon as you receive them – if possible, cut off 1cm off the trunk so it can “drink” water better. Maintaining a high level of moisture for the tree is important in reducing loss of needles and keeping it fresh. When watered daily, you can keep the tree fresh for up to four weeks. We also like to throw in ice cubes, so the water retains some coolness for the tree. 

              Pro tip: We also like to just crush the pine leaves in our hands every once in a while, to release the fragrance from the needles. And with Fraser Fir’s soft needles, you don’t have to worry about getting pricked! 

              Say No to Mozzies! Remember to keep the mozzies at bay! You can add mosquito bits into the water, or throw in a couple of aspirin/panadol every couple of days to prevent any mosquitos from laying eggs. 

              We’ve also developed a range of other Christmas products this holiday season. Shop fresh pine wreaths decorated in gold or silver and even in succulents. We have designed floral centrepieces as well as mini herb gardens for you to gift your friends and families, or simply as a gift for yourself. 

              Pick up your real Christmas tree, wreaths and gifts today – For celebrating at home with family & loved ones near or far. For yourself, your family or a loved one, we have something for everyone. 

              There’s no better way to celebrate Christmas at home in Singapore, than with your own real Christmas tree or wreath. Or if you’re far away from home, send loved ones a piece of your heart with gifts #sealedwithlove from Sing See Soon. 

              Our Christmas range comes in a very limited quantity to ensure the best quality possible. If the item you like is out of stock, or if you are looking for something specific, drop us a note via chat or email, and we can put together something special for you or your loved one. 


              Christmas @ SSS

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