NEVER say Never with Maryanne

Closing off a month of telling the Wonder Stories of the Wonder Women at Sing See Soon, we round up the series of support women look for whenever they are faced with any challenges in their lives. 

Having worked in MNCs and travelling all over the world – today I tell my little story of how a surprising change in my life turns out to be my biggest challenge to date. 

What has so far been my biggest challenge as a woman?

It’s a cliche - but nothing has been more difficult or more fulfilling than being a mother. I never thought I would be a mum, as I never did like children much. But as life does, my daughter came along, and I became a mum much later than most of my peers. 

As a person, I was mostly defined by my work. I was doing well, and with little commitments beyond our marriage – my whole life (as an individual and a couple) was turned upside down. And when I thought I would bounce back to work quickly, think again. In a late night decision, I left corporate life, and decided to be a stay-home-mum.  

What support did I get / were looking for?

I actually didn’t know what kind of support I was looking for or even needed. I have always been fairly self-sufficient and have always found it difficult to ask for help.

BUT, I have been blessed with amazing parents and husband, who always supported my decision wholeheartedly. And they almost always offered help as soon as they were able to see me struggle. 

That and just a sprinkle of good luck to always stumble on friends or work that would help support the new lifestyle changes. 

Were you able to overcome your challenge with the support or you couldn't find the support?

I’m definitely still struggling at times to come to terms with how much my life has changed.

Not for the worse, but just how different it is compared to 3 years ago. But being able to surround myself with family who allows me to find my place in this new role, who allow me the time and space to figure it out, or simply just allow me to fail and stumble and just be there to dust me off. 

What do you want to say to other women out there who might be going through similar challenges as yourself?

Never say never. Never say you cannot. You can because you will never be given a problem you cannot solve. We don’t know what we can do until we do. And never be afraid to say you’re scared. 

Failure has always been a taboo subject, especially in an Asian culture. I am amazingly fortunate that my own family have always been supportive of me through both failures and successes. Sure there were consequences, but they were always MY CHOICES. Whether I failed or succeeded, I always knew they were so from the choices I made, and never made to feel that I would fail alone – And these were GREAT learning lessons in my life. 

So ladies. Let us go out there, make that change. Allow ourselves to fail, our children to fail. Our friends to fail. And lets always be that support they need when they do, and the celebration they deserve when they succeed! 

Catch our new series of blogs next week, as we talk to people who have been part of a support system, as we continue telling YOUR WONDER STORIES! 


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