Paying It Forward With @thedogatemyplant

Paying It Forward With @thedogatemyplant

As some of you may know, our Experiential Garden Centre at Simei was crafted to be an inclusive community space. We wanted our lush green space to be a safe space for anyone and everyone in our community. A space to come relax, rejuvenate, reconnect with nature, and be happy. 

So when Clare from @thedogatemyplant on IG reached out to us to help rejuvenate a “Cool Down Corner” for the girls at Pertapis Centre for Women & Girls – it was an easy YES, we’ll do it. This was a Pay It Forward project for Clare for hitting over 3K followers on IG – amazing feat considering she only just started her plantagram sometime in May this year. 

To be really honest, Clare did all the leg work, from selecting the plants to styling and even setting up a crash course on plant care 101 for the girls. All we really did was round up the plants, and any other materials she needed, and showed up on the day of. 

But what an amazing transformation it was! And all put together by a band of amazing women, for the girls and women at Pertapis.

Pertapis is a refuge for some 70-80 girls, aged between 12–18, and this is the only space crafted for them to rest, regroup and regulate their emotions. And we know how these emotions run, in our teenage years, in addition to the challenges that life has already thrown at them. This corner will now literally support #plantsmakepeoplehappy – and we hope the plants we sent, can do what it does for us and the community in our space, for the girls at Pertapis as well. 

The beautiful laides, Clare & Mdm Nurul Ain Kissim, Head of Pertapis chilling in the new space. 

Oh, and one last thing.. if you wanna make a contribution and support the good work being done at Pertapis, you can head on down to their website to make a donation or volunteer your time with the girls! 

#PlantsMakePeopleHappy #thedogatemyplant #payitforward


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