#ThrowbackTuesday to Wonder of Women 2022!

Wonder of Women Presents Wonder Stories 2022 

Almost a year ago today, we celebrated the Wonder Stories of the Wonder Women of Lifestyle@SingSeeSoon. A 5-generation family owned business, Sing See Soon has been a fairly matriarchal organisation. And we felt it was time, to share the stories that women journey through – whether it's for survival, for passion or purely for the family. 

Together with Sunday Social Market, we celebrated a day of story-telling, strength-building and self-love. We shared our failures, our triumphs, and most importantly how and with whom we found support from. 

We wanted to show, tomorrow's children - that we are empowered women, empowering women. 

PLUS, nothing beats supporting the wonderful folks at Breast Cancer Foundation, Singapore. Our CEO, Gracelyn was honoured to be a part of their 25 SHEROES in celebration of BCF's 25 Anniversary. 

Check out what went down in our gallery pics below, and watch out as we bring you Wonder of Women 2023 #FeedWithLove coming very very soon!