WonderWomen@SSS Celebrates the Wonder of Jade Amar

WonderWomen@SSS Celebrates the Wonder of Jade Amar

With @SundaySocialMarket just this Sunday, we wanted to talk a little bit to Jade Amar – half of the founding organisers of the incomparable  @SundaySocialMarket, Hummus queen @whatthefalafel_sg & co-founder of the oh-so-sexy @hedonisttribe – Jade is indeed, not just a Wonder of a Woman, but a SUPERWOMAN too! 

Read on a little, to see how this Wonder Woman stays a Super Woman, with a little help from the people she surrounds herself with. 

What has so far been your biggest challenge as a woman?

The challenge I have faced as a woman, is trying to not lose myself while doing it all. I put on so many hats and i can find it hard to balance work, relationships, domestic duties and make time for ME. 

Not sure if it's society or if it just self expectation but there is a lot of pressure to become some kind of modern super hero and Women have taken on the challenge quite well, often at the cost of their own happiness.

What support did you get / were looking for?

I've always surrounded myself with smart, nurturing friends and I usually turn to them when I need advise or help.

Were you able to overcome your challenge with the support or you couldn't find the support?

Yes, I usually do. The truth is that in most case, when you ask around, there will be someone with a solution or at least someone nice enough to listen to you vent. And that's also fine.

What do you want to say to other women out there who might be going through similar challenges as yourself?

It's okay to not be able to do it all by yourself, find your team: friends, partners, lovers that you can count on and who can count on you too. And don't forget to carve time for yourself, cultivate what make you happy  even if it's with little things like your coffee ritual, taking a bath, dance on your favourite song, or binge on your favourite Netflix show 🙂

WOW. Are those powerful words or what? You don't hear these words very often, even for men. 


Share, talk, ask, listen. And most importantly, love yourself. Love yourself by allowing others to help you. 

Come join us this Sunday 13 March @SundaySocialMarket and meet the Wonder of Jade for yourself! 


Sunday Social Market adheres to all current safety measures to keep everyone safe while having fun. Please make sure you: 
• Are vaccinated 
• Come in no more than groups of 5 
• Mingle in no more than groups of 5
• Keep your mask on at all times 
• Stay home if you are not feeling well 
• Check in when you enter the space


See you on Sunday! 

Team Lifestyle 


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