WoW Presents: Ashley's WonderFULL Story

When we started WoW 2 years ago, we were celebrating the women that we are. The strength, the support we give and get. It's no wonder that we will feature one of our very newest #WonderGirl Ashley! 

With diabetes hanging over her family's head, working full time as our social media gurrrl AND studying for her double degrees in BOTH marketing AND strategic communications, we steal a few minutes of time from her busy schedule to talk a bit about food in her busy Gen Z life. 

Ashley, how did you end up taking on so much – not just working AND studying, but studying for TWO degrees!

It was actually the modules that I took back in poly (branding and consumer behaviour) that got me interested in marketing. And because as a Gen Z-er, I am always on social media – so I decided to put myself to test and started working in the relevant field while pursuing my degrees. 

SO INSPIRING! As a busy student and working adult, how does eating healthy factor in (or not) your life? 
Eating healthy was never an option for me due to my hectic schedules but after entering the workforce, I realised that I'm spending most of my time in front of the computer screen while snacking (it gets worst when I'm stressed). I started on a keto (high fat, low carb) diet initially to curb my carbs cravings and it slowly evolved to maintaining a balanced diet because diabetes runs in my family blood. Also, since I started working out actively at the gym, clean eating played a huge part in eating healthy for me as well. 
Diabetes! Adding on top of everything you do – I am sure this plays a huge role in how your family plans your meals? 
To a certain extent yes, because of my mother's diabetes condition, my family are more conscious of the foods that we put in our bodies.
What is the most difficult part of eating healthily for diabetes? 

It was hard to keep up initially and everything tastes bland, since we're used to our usual routine. We would add salt to our food whenever it taste bland but after awhile, we ditched the salt and went for Pink Himalayan salts instead ( a healthier alternative). I had to discipline myself and after awhile, I got a hang of it and striving with a healthier diet now!
What would your advise be for eating healthily and not compromising on taste? 
Although initially it may seem difficult – expensive and bland – I feel it's all in the head. We started to research for alternative ways to add flavour back to food healthily, and made sure to complement healthy eating with healthy mind and an active lifestyle. Once you start seeing the results, you will for sure get the motivation to keep going! And when everyone at home is healthy and happy, it's all worth it. 
Thank you Ashley for your time and WonderFULL advise on how to keep healthy in spite of the challenges you face. 
If you're at a loss on how to bring extra flavour without breaking bank, join us for WoW 2023 this year, as we take you on a journey of growing, harvesting and cooking healthily! What's even better is that 50% of proceeds from our ticket sales go towards the good work that Daughters of Tomorrow do, for disadvantaged women in Singapore. 
If you're walking about our space in 5 Simei Lane, and spot Ashley out and about taking pics for our social media, do say hi and you might spot yourself on our reels or stories!

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