WoW Presents: Felina's WonderFULL Story

As a local business ourself (albeit one with over 140 years of history), supporting other local businesses, especially new tech in our industry, is a key pillar that we strongly believe in. 

When we met the JAH Tech team at a media launch, we were SO excited to learn about the interesting work that have been doing in agri-tech! 

We grab Felina from her busy farming life as JAH Tech's Group Corporate Branding & Marketing Director, to talk about healthy eating & food security. 

Felina, you used to head up your own Creative & MArketing Events Agency – how did you end up going in house with JAH Tech? 

I have to give credit to the pandemic. Before the pandemic, I ran my own Creative & Marketing Events Agency where we worked with luxury brands and corporate clients in conceptualizing events and marketing campaigns. When most industries came to a standstill during circuit breaker, the R&D industries were still toiling. The CEO of JAH Tech who happens to be a client, invited me to join them to oversee the branding & marcomm department for the group. Let's just say the stars aligned at the right time, right place with the right people.
What does healthy food mean to you, working in an industry like agri-tech.
One of our subsidiaries' focus is on agri-tech. So we work with farmers both in agriculture & aquaculture to ensure the food produce are grown under natural environment together with our tech which is certified safe, no power consumption required and sustainable. And all these are done to ensure food security and to stress the importance of eating healthily to boost our immune system, especially now we are living endemically with Covid.
You're about to go-to-market with your range of gardening/ agricultural products, how does eating healthy work for you in your busy schedule? 
Eating healthy to me is really a choice. Living in Singapore, we are not short on options and accessibility to finding healthy food. 
Do you have any wise words to share on healthy eating? 
When you decide to start on that journey, don't get too extreme with the change in your healthy eating lifestyle. Cos if you do, it may not last. Change takes time and never allow yourself to feel deprived from the Haagen Dazs or Char Kway Teow. You should still pamper yourself once in a while to "feel balance".
And if you haven't already spotted them by now, JAH Cultura have covered various multi-storeyed carpark roofs with their vege farms and they also have a little corner stationed in our space at 5 Simei Lane. And because some of you have been asking about it – they have placed some of their amazing products for sale NOW in our space at 5 Simei Lane as well as online. 
Did you join Felina at her urban farming workshop at WoW 2023? If you missed it, we are working on building a farming workshop as a regular workshop at Lifestyle@SingSeeSoon! Keep your eye on our social media or make sure you are subscribed so you'll be the first to know! 

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