WoW Presents: Fendi's WonderFULL Story

WoW Presents: Fendi's WonderFULL Story

Wonder Stories is back again and this year with a theme like #FeedWithLove, we hope our WonderFULL stories will FILL you up with inspiration on how we eat. Whether we eat to stay alive, to stay happy, to get fit, to be healthy – we cannot deny food is a sustenance. So why not do it #WithLove 

We kick off our first instalment, with our favourite resident plant guru! For most of you in the plant community, you would be familiar with Fendi from Littlebotany. Having joined us in Simei last year, Littlebotany East has brought a little piece of Fendi's green haven into our space, and with so many spots all across the island, we talk to Fendi about how he stays FULL and healthy! 

Fendi, how did you even get started on this plant journey? 

Littlebotany started out with my love & passion for plants. It was originally a hobbyist account on instagram to showcase my private collection of ornamental plants. Over time, the account garnered a substantial following of fellow gardeners and plant lovers from all walks of life and nationality. Through this community and network that was built over time, friendships, and various walks of life – Litttlebotany as a business was born. 

WoW. We love that the foundation of Littlebotany was built on community. How do you maintain or sustain yourself as you run between Littlebotany West, Littlebotany East and now back again to Punggol where you first put roots? 

I make sure I get my energy by filling up with the right food with loads of greens to prevent me from falling sick. This is especially important as I am running my business, and am responsible to the Littlebotany team who help keep our spaces running smoothly. 

What would you say is the most difficult thing to do in maintaining this food journey? 

COOKING! Eating homecooked food is key to making sure I put the right food in my body. But as I am running around most days of the week, it's hard to get freshly made homecooked food for all meals. 

How do you do it? What can you advise the community on making sure you stay healthy? 

Meal preparation is my ANSWER. It saves me time as I plan ahead of what I am going to eat. So I can just grab and go my meals whenever I am running about. I also schedule my meals in, to make sure I eat on time, at the right time. This prevents me from snacking or eating too late in the day. 


Thank you Fendi for sharing your WonderFULL ways to stay healthy! So much discipline, I only wish I had the same discipline when it comes to meal preps. 

Come say hi to Fendi at our space in 5 Simei Lane. Fendi can usually be spotted pottering about in Simei on Tuesdays and Sundays. 

P.S.: Did you know that Fendi also help to set up the SOIL KITCHEN? You can pick up refills of NatureHut's SuperPlant Organic Plant Booster, Nature's Defender, and Hijau Soil Mix on top of mixing your very own mix! 

Oh, and one last thing... Fendi along with Karen & Peng from Little Big Garden will be running an edible Kokedama workshop in support of WoW 2023 – pick up your tickets for the day here – 50% of the proceeds from ticket sales will go towards supporting the good work that Daughters of Tomorrow do, to empower women in Singapore. 


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