Have you met @CoachLiz in person? If you haven't spotted her at one of our community gatherings, or hyping up a class in our space ‚Äď you're in for a treat when you DO meet this dynamite of a woman. Pint sized but filled to the brim with an infectious energy of positivity and power!¬†

In this story, we talk about her WonderFULL journey to health and fitness, and what it means for her to be able to bring health & nutrition (and confidence) to her community! 

I always am amazed when I see you, Liz ‚ÄstI cannot tell that¬†you're¬†a busy mum of a little boy AND coach to hundreds of people she's helped on their health journey. How did you even get started on this journey 18 years ago?¬†

I'd developed asthma, backne and eczema as a tween and became even unhealthier when I began my career as a screenwriter. Stress, irregular hours and eating based on convenience caused me to gain weight, and I was always tired. 
A friend noticed and introduced me to his coach, who taught me how my body worked, and what it needed to look and feel its best. After waking up with more energy by day 3, losing 4kg in 4 weeks and seeing all my allergies clear up within the first 3 months, I was inspired to help others discover the importance of good nutrition and a balanced lifestyle as well :) The first 2 people I helped were my brother who lost 10kg in 10 weeks, and my mom who lose 9kg in 3 months during menopause :)
Through your journey, you must have accumulated a lot of wisdom on healthy eating & staying fit. What was your AH-HA moment that made everything make sense and fall in place? 
Learning to eat to nourish my body vs just to fill my stomach was a huge mindset shift. I also realised that eating in Balance to include all food groups was more important than it was to eat 'clean'. It wasn't easy at first, but within weeks my taste buds changed, and I felt like my body was working WITH me, and wanted more of what was nourishing now that it was getting what it needed. In fact I was even able to quit smoking within 6 months with zero effort. I simply didn't feel like it anymore!
Nothing worth it, has ever been easy. What has been your biggest challenge and what did you do to get around it? 
As I often teach my clients, and have learned personally, when I fail to plan I plan to fail!
It's hard when I'm too rushed / when I forget to prioritise myself or my self care. On most days, I meal prep the night before, which makes eating healthily a breeze the following day. I love that night time ritual. It's 'me time'. I unwind, take my time, play a good podcast / playlist and get present to feeding myself and my family for the next day. It's a very nurturing practice. Sometimes I have a glass of wine. When I fail to do this, I'm back @ default mode, eating based on convenience, which is what most of us do! There is always however, a healthier alternative no matter where we are, so it's important to seek that out to find what's most nourishing should options be limited
Amazing!¬†I love that you recognise it's not an easy journey ‚Äď but I also believe that being healthy, eating healthy is a habit that can be formed. I read somewhere that it takes 21 days to¬†create a new habit, and 90 days to make it a part of your lifestyle.¬†¬†
What is the one thing you would say to the readers? 

Eat to nourish! Food and nutrition are the building blocks to our bodies. So eat what makes you look and feel your best


Catch Liz as she starts an East Side Community Workout on Saturdays in our space at 5 Simei Lane! Sign up on this link here or check out their facebook page Singapore East Coast Workouts to get more info! It's ONLY $10 per session! 


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