#AlwaysWithLove since 1879

#AlwaysWithLove since 1879

sing see soon gen 4

Rare gathering of Gen-4 at our Simei Experiential Garden Centre

Since 1879, Sing See Soon is one of the most in-demand florists and landscaping expert in Singapore. Being a hugely successful family-owned business that is currently in the fifth generation, the home-grown company has gained pioneer status with their prominent portfolio of original and breath-taking floral creations.

Over the years, the company has developed a clientele that includes celebrities and aristocrats and is today, the first call for socialites, royal families, event organisers, top-tier wedding planners and entertainment producers.

What has cemented our status as a leading florist stems from our unwavering belief in a singular ingredient that nurtures all botanicals - love. As a family, we understand love is what makes the world whole. Love is what seals memories and crystalises moments.

With Sing See Soon, all of our floral creations are sealed with love.


sing see soon gen 5

Gen-5 taking the family business towards a digital future, but committed to maintaining the love for bringing plants & flowers to everyone. 


Get the Perfect Flowers Online to Create Lasting Memories With Sing See Soon

Sing See Soon offers express flowers delivery services. With a wide selection to choose from, get fresh flower bouquets for various occasions today!

For tips and tricks on plant care and less known facts on flowers, you can check out our blogs such as roses for different occasions and guide to baby breaths.

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