One of the most popular flowers, loved by many ages – the Gerbera – is actually a type of Daisy, that originates from Africa. Refined and cultivated in Europe, the Gerbera daisy can be found in almost any floral shop and market. 

Gerberas can grow from 8-24 inches in height and from as small as 2 inches wide to 5 inches across, just perfect for a beautiful fresh cut arrangement at home or as a nice cheerful gift to someone special. 

Especially when it commonly symbolises happy life. It has also symbolised the innocent hearts of children, appreciation and joy for the life we’ve been given.

Follow our 3 simple tips to make sure the Gerberas you bring home, stay happy for as long as they can (up to 10 days with proper care!)

While the Gerbera usually means innocent and purity – different cultures carry different meanings; In Victorian times, the gerbera daisy is happines, as it seems to hold it’s rays open to the world radiating pure happiness; For the Egyptians, the Gerbera is closeness to nature and devotion to the sun; while the Celts believe that Gerberas would lessen the sorrows and stresses of everyday life.

And with the many bright colours they come in, so do the different meanings of each colour:

Pink gerberas symbolise grace, admiration and sympathy. Lighter hues represent respect, admiration & compassion. And darker hues are often a symbol of gratitude.

Red flowers symbolise romantic love and passion.

White represents purity & innocence and are often used as the official 5th wedding anniversary flowers.

Orange daisies represent happiness, joy, friendship and warmth – making these blooms the perfect gifting flower for friends and colleagues. Yellow daisies also symbolise friendship and happiness.

Mixed-coloured bouquet of Gerberas symbolises a collective meaning of cheerfulness and happiness.

There’re no better flowers to send some cheer and a smile, than the Gerbera Daisy.

Oh and one last thing… remember to always keep your vase and water clean and fresh. Trim off the stem a little whenever you change the water so that the stems are primed to drink as much water as possible. Keeping them happier for longer!

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