Known for their charming and calming gardens, the Japanese were the first to cultivate and grow hydrangeas. Legend has it that the emperor of Japan sent blue hydrangea flowers to the family a beloved to make up for neglecting her.

For centuries, not only have the Japanese been enjoying the sweet aroma and bright colors of hydrangea, but ancient fossils dating back 4-65 million years show that the plant has been growing for a long time in North America as well. In Europe, hydrangeas didn't appear until 1736, when a colonist brought a North American variety to England. Today, hydrangeas are found throughout Asia, the Americas, and Europe, where they are primarily known as Hortensia.

The name, Hortensia, is a Latin version of the French word Hortense. The name hydrangea comes from the Greek words “hydor” meaning water and “angos” meaning vessel. Which together roughly translates to “water barrel”. This is because of the fact that hydrangeas are notorious for needing lots of water and the cup shaped flowers.

And if you’ve been reading our care tips so far, we’ve been consistently talking about hydrating our cut blooms. The hydrangea is no different, and in fact LOVES WATER.




Bonus Tip Reviving a drooping hydrangea bloom. 

  • Trim an inch off the ends of the stems
  • Submerge the whole head of wilting flowers in cool water
  • Make sure not to push it into the water – this may hurt the blooms 

You can leave them for 2 hours or overnight depending on the condition of the flowers, or until they are revived!  

Thanks us later for those tips – The hydrangea represents gratitude, grace and beauty. It also radiates abundance because of the lavish number of flowers and the generous round shape. Its colours symbolise love, harmony and peace. Here are the popular colours and their widely known symbols:

Blue Apology, Gratitude, Understanding
White Vanity, Boasting, Purity + Grace
Pink Romance, Ture Feeling, Sincere Emotions
Purple Pride, Royalty, Understanding

Hydrangeas are beautiful blooms that are perfect on their own or accompanied by other focal blooms like roses, lilies, tulips. Show us your arrangements – we love being inspired by your creations too. 

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