3 Tips For Your Fresh Cut Blooms


So, you’ve either received a beautiful gorgeous bouquet (in which case YAY!!) or you’ve picked out your own fresh cuts (NO LESS YAHOO!!). Either way, we’ve got some quick tips for you to get you & your blooms started off on the right foot.
  • Prepare containers with water to ensure flowers always stay hydrated
  • Make sure your containers are thoroughly cleaned with soap & water to prevent contamination
  • REMOVE as much leaves from the stems as possible – especially below the part where its below the waterline
  • We want to ensure that water goes towards the flowers and not the maintenance of the leaves
  • Leaves below the waterline will also cause rot & bacteria to form

  • Once you’ve removed your flowers from the packaging (carefully & without bruising the stems) – cut the stems with clean floral shears or a floral knife
  • If you can, cut the stems under running water, to prevent air pockets from forming & preventing even flow from stems to bloom
  • You may choose to add some flower food in your water to help prolong the life of your blooms (link to DIY flower food)
  • To speed up floral blooms, use slightly warm water & to slow it down, use cooler water
  • Make the cut at least an inch from the bottom of the stem
  • Cutting at an angle will increase water flow and flowers will bloom faster – cutting straight across, will slow down the blooming process
TIP: if your flower’s stem has nodes, always cut above the node, to increase water in take from stems, as the nodes will block the intake

  • Do not be alarmed if the flower appear wilted when you bring them home / receive them – especially so in our hot & humid climate
  • You just need to give them some TLC and time to rehydrate
  • Flowers will usually perk up quite dramatically after you allow them to go through the rehydration process in 3-5 hours (sometimes overnight)
  • Importantly, keep your blooms in a cool (not cold) room and always our of direct sunlight 
TIP: Avoid placing your blooms in your refrigerator without water to drink – this will dry it up faster rather than keeping it fresh 

Rehydration times and the lifespan of the foliage or petal depends on the variety of flower or greens that you have. Do try to pick blooms with similar lifespan otherwise you’ll be picking out wilted flowers throughout the week! 

The KEY things to remember is always hydration – on contrary to plants, where we always say not to over water, with flowers – we want to keep them drinking. A hydrated bloom, is a happy bloom! 

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